Gwangju’s Buk-gu District Kendo team won gold at the 104th National Sports Games (NGK) despite a teammate’s sexual misconduct.According to Buk-gu on Sunday, the team, which represented Gwangju, won its fifth gold medal in the men’s general team event at the Glory Sportium National Sports Center in Jeonnam the day before.Sixteen unemployed teams from across the country participated in the men’s general kendo team competition.The Buk-gu Office team defeated teams from Chungcheongnam-do, Jeonbuk-do, and Ulsan to reach the final, where they won 1-0 in a nail-biting match against the Mooan-gu Office team.The Buk-gu Office kendo team had to deal with measles after two of their teammates were accused of sexual misconduct.In July last year, Ahn was sentenced to three years and six months in prison in the first trial for breaking into an accommodation where a woman in her 20s was staying after meeting her at a bar and sexually assaulting her.The incident prompted Buk-gu to conduct a special audit of its athletes and found that another player, Mr. B, had received a deferred prosecution for sexual misconduct in 2021.Both men resigned shortly before the sexual misconduct was revealed, but Buk-gu removed them from their positions through the governing council.The Buk-gu Council 카지노사이트킹 is currently conducting an administrative affairs audit on the operation of the Buk-gu Kendo Team.

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