I Was Shocked When I Saw The Graduation Game

KB Insurance kneeled down to lead Korean Air after failing to overcome the absence of foreign main gun Keita. 토토사이트링크 After the game, KB Insurance manager Lee Sang-yeol complained a lot about the players’ play.

KB Insurance was completely defeated by Korean Air 0-3 19-25, 14-25, 17-25 in the fifth round of the men’s 2020-2021 Dodram V-League at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 3rd.

KB Insurance, the second-place player who recently threatened Korean Air with three consecutive wins, lost helplessly with its worst performance this season, maintaining 47 points. His record against Korean Air this season also fell to two wins and three losses.

The biggest variable on this day was the absence of KB Insurance’s main gun Keita from injury. Keita suffered a ruptured thigh muscle and was diagnosed for up to three weeks. Regarding Keita’s absence, who is leading the sector with 890 points this season, including 41 points in the previous game against OK Financial Group, KB Insurance manager Lee Sang-yeol said, We will hire Jung Soo-yong instead. I will make it comfortable without any burden,” he said. I won’t be obsessed with winning or losing.

The performance of KB Insurance without Keita and new foreign striker Yosvany is on the rise. As expected, Korean Air unilaterally pushed ahead. KB Insurance couldn’t play the chase properly once.

Yosvany scored a run-off goal in the first set. Korean Air took the lead with Yosvany’s successive goals at the beginning of the set, and then ran away 14-8 with Yosvany’s open attack and Jung Ji-seok’s serve ace in the middle. In 22-18, Yosvany’s blocking sealed the set. Yosvany scored nine points in the first set alone.

In the second set, Korean Air easily led the set by running 7-2 thanks to Yosvany’s five consecutive goals. Kwak Seung-seok and Cho Jae-young then joined while the opponent focused on Yosvany, widening the gap to 12-5. Since then, Korean Air has blasted KB Insurance’s court, which was revealed by receiving the ball, and eventually set the set by 11 points. Korean Air increased the utilization of domestic players such as Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok in the third set, and ran away 13-5 in the early stages to decide the game.

After the game, coach Lee Sang-yeol said, If you are going to play volleyball like today, you should quit everything. I didn’t even try to win against Korean Air, but what if it’s irresponsible. If you make it miserable in this way, it’s better for the fans to quit, he said, criticizing the players.

Coach Lee then said, It’s the first time I’ve been so shocked while playing volleyball for 45 years. Regardless of winning or losing, I don’t understand this itself. If you don’t have the guts, you have to think seriously. I’ll be responsible for everything, but the players have to rethink. I’m not sure if I’m not responsible, if I’m not proud, or if I’m scared. “I can’t find an answer in my judgment, he said.

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