Introducing the Quebec Online Game Federation

Quebec is working to boost online gambling regulations, while raising awareness in the province. iGame operators are working to create the Quebec Online Gaming Alliance, which will be an industry-led organization working with local governments and stakeholders to create a new regulatory framework for online gambling. 우리카지노탑

In addition to drawing up a new regulatory framework for the state’s iGaming industry, the union will also be tasked with addressing growing alerts regarding consumer safety, responsible play and advertising. The aim is also to increase revenue based on a new licensing scheme for qualified third-party operators in the industry.

The Quebec Online Gaming Alliance was established in response to a survey by Leger Marketing, with two-thirds or 66% of respondents in favor of regulating private eye-gaming operators through licensing and taxes, and 71% of locals finding the province unable to restrict private operators doing business online.

Members of the Union will promote the benefits of local governments establishing independent regulatory bodies that will create standardized controls on responsible play to protect vulnerable and underage individuals. In addition, members will be committed to contributing to the Fonds de cherche du Québec – Société et Culture, so the latter will be able to resume game behavior research and protect consumers.

In a 2014 report, the online gambling task force, chaired by Dr. Louise Nado, who accompanied other leaders in online gambling and responsible gambling, urged local governments to start a new regulatory framework. The new model would have been based on a licensing scheme for private operators.

The report’s recommendations are derived from global best practices that enable private operators to provide responsible and secure online gambling under the regulatory supervision of local governments. However, reports and plans were abandoned by the previous administration, thus allowing Ontario to lead Canada’s iGaming revolution.

In April, Ontario opened its online gambling division to third-party operators for the first time in Canada, and the region is already receiving compensation. Ontario reported betting C$35.6 billion and bringing in C$1.4 billion in revenue in the first 12 months of regulated online gambling. Therefore, jurisdiction was included in the top five eye-gaming on the continent.

However, with the increase in iGame options and advertising, people in the state are worried about the potential impact on children. That’s why Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission has proposed banning sports stars from appearing in betting ads. This is because celebrities are idolized by young demographics and this can be bad news.

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