Its a Celtic Loses 1-2 to Kilmarnock Shocking First Loss of the Season

Oh Hyun-gyu started and Yang Hyun-jun came on as a substitute, but he could not prevent Celtic’s first loss of the season.

Celtic lost 1-2 in the 17th round of the 2023-24 Scottish Premiership against Kilmarnock FC held at Rugby Park in Kilmarnock, Scotland, at 9 p.m. on the 10th (Korean time). 

Celtic ended their undefeated record with their first loss of the season. They remained at the top of the Premiership with 42 points.

Celtic’s starting XI consisted of Joe Hart, Alastair Johnstone, Nathaniel Phillips, Liam Scales, Greg Taylor, Tomoki Iwata, Callum McGregor, Matt O’Reilly, Mikey Johnstone, Luis Palma and Hyun-Kyu Oh. Yang Hyun-jun started on the bench. 카지노사이트랭크

Home team Kilmarnock’s starting XI included Will Dennis, Luis Mayo, Robbie Deas, Corey Ndaba, Daniel Armstrong, Liam Donnelly, Matthew Kennedy and Kyle Vassell.

Oh Hyun-gyu started again. Oh Hyun-gyu was recruited midway through last season, but he was pushed aside by Furu Hashi and did not play much.

 Furuhashi showed crazy scoring ability and Oh Hyun-gyu played as the joker in the last minute. Although he had limited playing time, he continued to impress by scoring goals. 

This season, his playing time was reduced and his scoring was also low. 

In the last game against Hibernian, he started for the first time in a long time. 

He scored multiple goals and showed force to coach Brandon Rogers to hire him.

Oh Hyun-gyu said, “When you start, you have to score goals. There weren’t many opportunities to start, and when you do, you play thinking it’s your last game.

If you do what Coach Rogers wants, I think scoring will naturally follow. Coach, “The coaching staff is giving me a lot of advice.

If an opportunity comes, I want to grab it. I’m experiencing a lot and it’s helping me develop,” he said, expressing his determination to play. .

Regarding Oh Hyun-gyu, who scored multiple goals, Coach Rogers said, “I am very happy with the win today.

Oh Hyun-kyu in particular showed an excellent performance at the front line.

He has become a reference point for the team and I am really happy. It seems he is definitely going into the game with confidence. Callum

McGregor pass. He received the attack well, penetrated, turned around, showed his strength, and finished well.

He is training well and is an efficient player,” he said, raising his thumb towards Oh Hyun-gyu.

[First half] Oh Hyun-kyu regrets missing the opportunity, Celtic takes the lead with O’Reilly goal

Celtic’s one-sided attack unfolded. Oh Hyun-gyu tried to shake up the Kilmarnock defense by making active movements. 

He was involved in offense as well as defense. In the 11th minute of the first half, in a corner kick situation, the second ball that flowed behind was headed, but Dennis made a save.

An attack was carried out using the castle-like Johnstone Line located on the right. Mikey Johnstone and Alastair Johnstone teamed up and a threatening attack unfolded from the right. 

In the 22nd minute of the first half, Oh Hyun-gyu seized the opportunity. He fired a powerful shot that flew over the goal and caught Oh Hyun-gyu’s head.

O’Reilly scored. In the 33rd minute of the first half, McGregor’s shot was blocked by Dennis, but O’Reilly pushed it in. 

In the 36th minute of the first half, Kilmarnock had a decisive opportunity. 

With the goal open, Kilmarnock fired a shot, but Alastair Johnstone leapt forward to block it. In the 38th minute of the first half, Oh Hyun-gyu took the starting point and launched a counterattack, but it did not result in a goal. 

In extra time in the first half, Vassell fired a shot that missed the goal. The first half ended with Celtic leading 1-0.

[Second half] Unstable defense, Hart’s save allowed a comeback…Celtic suffered their first loss of the season

Kilmarnock’s attack was strong from the start of the second half. Celtic’s 1-0 lead was maintained with Hart’s save as Kilmarnock stormed. 

Kilmarnock strengthened their attack by adding Marley Watkins in the 21st minute of the second half. 

Celtic strengthened their side by adding Yang Hyun-jun in the 24th minute of the second half.

Kilmarnock equalized. The score was tied in the 30th minute of the second half when Phillips scored an own goal. Hart, who had been making a good save before, also collapsed due to Phillips’ own goal. 

After conceding a goal, Celtic brought in Iwata and Kyogo Furuhashi in the 31st minute of the second half. Celtic continued to give Kilmarnock chances as Phillips looked uneasy.

 The crisis continued, but Kilmarnock let out a sigh of relief as they missed opportunities again and again. Celtic even added James Forrest in the 38th minute of the second half.

Kilmarnock scored a comeback goal. In the 41st minute of the second half, Kilmarnock began to take the lead as Kennedy’s shot hit the Celtic net. 

It was the moment when Celtic, who had been strengthening their attack with their defensive organization completely broken, took a blow. 8 minutes of extra time were given in the second half. 

In the 1st minute of added time in the second half, Yang Hyun-jun suffered a shoulder injury and was unable to get up for a while.

He left the field for a while and was then brought back in. Even after being deployed, Yang Hyun-jun continued to complain of pain in his shoulder.

Celtic continued to attack throughout extra time in the second half, but were unable to find a goal. 

The match ended with Kilmarnock winning 2-1. Celtic bowed their heads after suffering their first loss of the season.

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