Its Son Heung-min on his Motivation for Joining Tottenham

who joined Tottenham along with Son Heung-min (31), attracted attention by mentioning the ‘bromance’ between the two.

Austrian centre-back Beamer looked back on his time at Tottenham in an interview with The Athletic and said, “It was a very special time. It was a dream come true to play with great players and be part of a great harmonious locker room.” .

At that time, Son Heung-min wore a Tottenham uniform for 22 million pounds (about 36.2 billion won) from Leverkusen. Austrian Wimmer also joined from Cologne, Germany for 4.3 million pounds (about 7.1 billion won).

The two lived together for two years until Beamer left for Stoke City in 2017. Beamer was familiar enough with Son Heung-min to visit Korea with him during his summer vacation.

The two are so close that they are still in contact six years later. Tottenham captain Son Heung-min called Beamer his “best friend” and said, “Everyone here is my best friend, but not as much as Kevin.”

Wimmer, who was 22 at the time of the signing, said: “Son Heung-min joined the team a few weeks after we had heard that a German-speaking player was coming. I was really surprised by his German skills. He played for Leverkusen and Hamburg. “I knew about it, but it was really good,” he said, remembering his first impression of Son Heung-min.

Beamer added: “It was great to be able to speak the same language as me at least a little bit. He was very friendly, just like you see. Always cheerful and positive. He brought a very good vibe to the team. We had a great relationship from day one. “A contract was concluded,” he added. 안전놀이터

He also said, “It was good for Son Heung-min to have someone who could speak the same language. At first, Son Heung-min’s English skills were not the best, so we did a lot of things together,” and “We even went out to dinner or walked around the city during training or after training. He explained, “We depended on each other.”

“His performance has improved every season since I left Tottenham, but his mindset hasn’t changed. He’s always remained the same, so we still keep in touch,” said Beamer. “It’s unique to have him at the level he is now. “He is truly one of the best,” he admitted.

‘The Athletic’ drew attention by comparing Tottenham’s current season to eight years ago. Although there were not many expectations at the beginning of the season, they are slowly showing off their abilities under an innovative coach.

Tottenham, led by manager Mauricio Pochettino at the time, had new Son Heung-min and Dele Alli (Everton) join ahead of the 2015-2016 season, forming the so-called DESK line with Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) and Christian Eriksen (Manchester United). I was able to.

“When I went to Son Heung-min’s house, his mother always cooked for him,” Beamer said. “It was really nice. His parents were also very humble and really kind. It was good to learn a little more about his culture.”

He continued, “His father was always very strict with Son Heung-min, but he wanted him to become a great player. His father was very professional and had a great influence on Son Heung-min and his career.”

Beamer also recalled an anecdote about traveling around Korea with Son Heung-min. He was surprised by Son Heung-min’s humility, saying, “When I said to Son Heung-min, ‘You are the most famous person in Korea,’ he said, ‘No, you’re not that special.'”

He also said, “It was a really crazy experience. It was something I couldn’t even imagine,” and “Son Heung-min was always wearing a mask, so I could only see his eyes, and even though he was in a special room in the restaurant, people recognized Son Heung-min and were enthusiastic. Everyone knew Son Heung-min.” “Son Heung-min’s face was on every billboard in the city,” he recalled of their moments together in Seoul.

The media claimed that if you look at Tottenham now, you can see the similarities between the team he played for and between coach Pochettino and coach Angie Postecoglou, and that Beamer is a ‘perfect role model’ and ‘world class’ Son Heung-min is a great captain for Tottenham. He said he was confident about the future.

He also concluded that no one would be happier than his ‘best friend’ if Son Heung-min lifts the trophy he missed out on at Tottenham in 2016 and 2017.

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