Its Will we Repeat ‘Lee Jeong-hoo’s choice’ in 2017?

Will we Repeat ‘Lee Jeong-hoo’s choice’ in 2017? … Kiwoom Holds Six 1st to 3rd Round Picks

Kiwoom to select 6 of the top 30 draftees Lee Jeong-hoo, Kim Hye-sung, and Kim Jae-woong in the 2017 draft , the biggest variable in the draft

For the time being, Kiwoom Heroes should spend time ‘rebuilding’ for the future rather than ‘win now’ sprinting towards the goal of good grades.

Key fielder Lee Jeong-hoo, who announced his intention to advance to the U.S. Major League next year,

ended this season after undergoing surgery for an ankle injury, ace Ahn Woo-jin is also scheduled to undergo elbow ligament fusion (Tommy John) surgery.

Kiwoom Heroes

Kiwoom, which released former national team starting pitcher Choi Won-tae immediately after Lee Jeong-hoo’s surgery was confirmed and received outfielder Lee Joo-hyung and a first-round pick in the 2024 season rookie draft from the LG Twins,

can nominate up to 14 players in the rookie draft to be held at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul on the 14th. there is.

This is the result of securing three nomination rights through trade for the future of the club. 온라인카지노

In this draft, which selects from the 1st to the 11th rounds in reverse order of performance in 2022, a maximum of 11 people can be selected per team.

In addition, Kiwoom Heroes received one 1st round pick through a trade with LG,

a 2nd round pick when sending catcher Joo Hyo-sang to the KIA Tigers, 1 3rd round pick from the Samsung Lions when infielder Lee Won-seok was acquired through a trade. there is.

Thanks to this, we can select one more player from the 1st to 3rd rounds with excellent potential.

This draft is characterized by many pitchers with outstanding skills.

Biggest Player

The biggest player, Jang Hyun-seok (Masan Yongma High School), signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers of the Major League,

but players with fastballs and control, including Hwang Jun-seo (Hwang Jun-seo), Cho Dae-hyun (Gangneung High School), Yuk Seon-yeop (Jangchung High School), Won Sang-hyeon (Busan High School), are waiting for the club’s selection.

The 2017 season is considered the best draft in Kiwoom club history.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who was drafted in the first round that year, grew into the best star player representing the KBO League,

Kim Hye-seong, a player drafted in the second round, also became one of the best infielders in the league.

Kim Jae-woong

In addition, pitcher Kim Jae-woong, selected in the 6th round,

has grown steadily and has played an active role as the team’s core bullpen pitcher since 2021,

even experienced the Korean Series as a closing pitcher last year.

It is difficult to predict that the player Kiwoom selects this time will immediately help the team from the 2024 season.

There are players who have shown impressive performance since their first year of debut, but these are only unusual cases.

Kiwoom, ahead of the 2024 season ‘without Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin’,

does not expect the players selected in this draft to fill their void.

However, as we need to focus on strengthening our team over the next few years, we believe that this draft,

which allows up to 16 players, will determine the future fate of the club.

Kiwoom general manager Ko Hyeong-wook did not say anything about the draft strategy

because there was so much fierce competition going on.

Kiwoom’s first pick is No. 8 overall in the first round, which was held by LG Twins,

it immediately exercises the right to pick No. 9 in the first round, which was originally owned by the club.

They are numbers 16 and 19 overall in the second round, and numbers 24 and 29 in the third round.

General Manager Ko said, “Our first nomination order is number 8, so for now,

our nomination strategy has no choice but to vary depending on the nominations of other clubs.”

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