Jeonbuk coach Petrescu “Losing against PSG, Neymar made the difference”

Coach Dan Petrescu of Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K-League 1, which played a friendly match against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a prestigious French football team. In a post-match press conference, he praised Neymar, who scored multiple goals that day.

Jeonbuk, led by coach Petrescu, lost 0-3 to PSG in the Coupang Play Series friendly match held at Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 3rd. Neymar, the ace of the Brazilian national team and the star of PSG, contributed to all three goals for the team, including two goals and one assist, while playing full-time despite an ankle injury and scorching heat. It became a great gift for the soccer fans who filled the Busan Asiad Main Stadium that day.먹튀검증“We played a good game in the first half and it was a close game,” Petrescu said. We also had a chance,” he said. “It was Neymar that made the difference in the game. Neymar widened the gap with an extra goal.”

In addition, he did not hide his regret about the decision, saying, “The first was Neymar, and the second was the referee’s decision.” Coach Petrescu emphasized, “It was a loss not being able to stop Neymar, but the fact that Lee Dong-jun fell in the penalty box just before an extra point was conceded in the second half, but the foul was not declared also affected the result.” He then complained again, saying, “It was clearly a penalty situation and I am sorry,” and “It is a friendly match, not a league, but the penalty should have been blown.”

Although the game was lost, Petrescu emphasized that the match against PSG was a good experience for the players. He said, “I met a special opponent like PSG, and I learned a lot,” he said. “It was a good match empirically.”

He did not hide his anticipation for Lee Kang-in, who stood in front of domestic fans in a PSG uniform. Manager Petrescu said, “I know that he is a player from Mallorca. Today, it is too short to evaluate,” he said. So he gave a positive evaluation, saying, “PSG would have recruited him.

He also shared his feelings about PSG, which was newly appointed by manager Luis Enrique. Manager Petrescu said, “I think I am trying to implant a tactic similar to when I coached Barcelona. He is aggressive and reckless,” he said, “winning the Champions League would be his goal, but if he looks like today, he will do it enough.”

Jeonbuk, who played a friendly match against PSG that day, will play the 25th round of the K-League 1 against Incheon United three days later. Coach Petrescu frankly confessed, “I have come a long way from Jeonju to Busan, and I am worried that there is an important game on the weekend.”

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