KCC showed off Super Team’s prowess

The first game was a complete victory for KCC in Busan. The team trailed 39-41 in the first half, but started counterattacking in the second half. While driving 33 points in the third quarter, the team only conceded 14 points, displaying mood and mood. It also made 15-0 run in the first half. Song scored 13 points to spearhead offense, while Heo Woong (7 points), Choi Jun-yong (6 points) and Ra Gun-ah (5 points) also fired support shots. KCC continued the mood in the third quarter to the fourth quarter and secured the most important first game.

What stands out is fastballs. The score of fastballs in the third quarter was 12-4. 12 points out of 20 fastballs scored in the game were concentrated in the third quarter. Early offensives are KCC’s biggest strength. After rebounding, fastball transitions can shake up the defense of Suwon KT. If KCC plays well in the regular season, its performance will also increase. In the second game, if KCC uses fastballs to boost the mood, the game will be easier to play.

Another thing that should be noted is the even score distribution. In the first round match, five players including Song Kyo-chang (17 points), Heo Woong (17 points), Ra Gun-ah (14 points), Alize DeShawn Johnson (14 points) and Choi Jun-yong (12 points) scored double-digit points. He managed to solve the offense by using selfless plays without relying on a specific player. This means that luxurious team members get scared when playing as a team. If this happens, it will become more burdensome for KT to defend itself.

With the victory in the first round, KCC had 69.2 percent (18/26) chance of winning the first round of championship matches. If KCC wins the second round, the probability of winning the championship increases to 84.6 percent. Of the 13 teams that won both the first and second rounds in KBL history, 11 won the championship. Since the third and fourth rounds will be held in Busan, KCC can lead the series to an even more advantageous position if KCC wins the second round.

Against this backdrop, KT needs help from its super ace, Paris Bath. In the first game, Bath played its part with 29 points, 10 rebounds, and two assists. The driving force behind KT’s lead in the first half was Bath’s concentration of 20 points. However, Bath cooled down cold in the second half, and had to wait and see KT lose with only nine points.

Moon and Jung-hyun, who are serving as game changers in the playoffs, need supporting shots. They showed off good shooting conditions in the regular season against KCC, which has weak outer defense. Moon recorded success rate of 33.3 percent (8/24), and 46.7 percent (7/15). However, in the first round, they threw 10 three-point shots, making only one. Moon and Moon need to cheer up in order for Bath to ease the burden of offense.

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