KIA Chases 1.5G Cars 4 Real Autumn Baseball Wars

Four teams are fiercely competing for three positions. The top two positions of LG and SSG, which have been steadily established as a two-tier system since the first half, are stable unless there is a big change. The only variable left is the fight for first place between the two teams.

The No. 1 LG is stable. After coming to Daegu, he was hit by Samsung for two consecutive losses, but after recruiting Choi Won-tae, he was ready to dominate. 토토 Second-place SSG has recently slowed down, widening its distance from the leading LG to 3.5 games. Even Eredia, the core of the batting line, left for a long time due to injury. But it’s not to the point of worrying. There’s a lot of winning. Due to the ups and downs of the mid-tier teams, the ride is also five games apart from the third-place group.

Realistic competition is three digits away. It’s a battle for third, fourth, and fifth place. Four teams, NC, Doosan, KT, and KIA, have begun an unprecedented fall baseball war. NC and Doosan are riding roller coasters.

Repeat good or bad. The rise and fall are polar opposites After losing five games in a row after 11 consecutive games, Doosan brought three consecutive games against Hanwha to the dominant series with two consecutive wins. The three-choice system of Alcantara Brandon Duo and Kwak Bin is stable. Choi Won-joon’s steady performance and Kim Dong-joo’s rebound are the key.

NC is having a hard time with a starting pitcher’s line injury. Many of the main native starters, including Koo Chang-mo, Lee Yong-joon and Lee Jae-hak, are missing. There is a big problem because there is no clear victory guarantee check other than Pedi. This is why he made a winning move to replace Widener. The key is whether the new foreign Tanner Turley will make a stable soft landing and Koo Chang-mo will return. As the bullpen is solid and the lineup is well organized, if only the starting lineup is restored, it will be stronger than the third-place team.

KT, which once fell to the bottom in the first half, showed the resilience of a strong team and advanced to third place with seven consecutive wins. The winning streak was cut off against Doosan on the 5th, but fifth place without a difference from the third place group..

Even without So Hyung-joon, the team’s pride, starting baseball, has recovered solidly. The bullpen and the lineup have also improved. Lee Kang-chul, who won the championship two years ago, is experienced in managing the season. It is a team that has a high possibility of settling in the semifinals.Rising KIA is a chaser with tremendous energy that will shake the semi-final structure.

It is not a fancy starting lineup, but it boasts a stable rotation. The lineup joined by Na Sung-beom, Kim Do-young, and Choi Won-joon is the driving force to turn the game around. It’s a formidable force. Regardless of the opposing pitcher, he gives more than five points. With seven wins and one loss in the last eight games, the gap between fifth place and the gap was reduced to 1.5 games. If only bullpen overload and ups and downs are reduced, it is likely to advance to the semifinals. Below them are the ‘Jamryong Group’ Lotte and Hanwha.

It is disadvantageous compared to the four mid-tier teams, but there is still hope. Lotte, which had stayed in the semifinals throughout the previous period, is clearly on the decline. Hanwha’s upward trend has also slowed slightly. Both teams have three wins and seven losses in the last 10 games.

Lotte, ranked 7th, which is four games away from 6th-ranked KIA, needs a two-shot hero. Aaron Wilkerson, who recently showed a stable performance by joining the new team with the revival of ace Barnes, is the hope of a rebound. Key players such as Na Kyun-an and Yoo Kang-nam are urgently needed to return from injuries. It is also necessary to have a solid presence of batters such as Han Dong-hee who will take the center of the lineup.

Hanwha’s fireball duo Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun are key players and variables. A lot depends on whether native ace Moon Dong-joo is limited to 120 innings and what starter Kim Seo-hyun looks like.

Moon Dong-joo’s inning restrictions may make changes if there is a hope for the semifinals. Nick Williams, a new foreign player that can no longer be changed in the lineup, is in desperate need of a meaningful rebound. There is hope to disperse the checks focused on Chae Eun-sung’s Noh Si-hwan.

Fans are happy with the heated battle for the top five. More and more fans are visiting the baseball stadium despite the worst heat wave. The ratings of broadcasts are also soaring. It reached 5 million spectators on the 4th. It is the first time in 93 games since the crowd surpassed 4 million on the 2nd of last month.

It is the second fastest pace since 2015 with the number of games that took 4 million to 5 million spectators. As competition intensifies, more fans are expected to visit the baseball stadium.

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