Kim Minjae’s Allianz Arena Strong Debut

Kim Min-jae played as a substitute in the 2023 German Super Cup against RB Leipzig at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on the 13th. 사설토토 Bayern Munich allowed two goals in the first half alone and gave up additional goals in the second half with a penalty kick, but Kim Min-jae struggled and received good reviews.

Bayern Munich played as a combination of Matthias de Ligt and Dayo Upamecano, and played a difficult game, giving up the first goal in the first three minutes due to a significant drop in midfield and defense concentration. He allowed one more goal in the 44th minute of the first half and was shaken greatly. In the end, Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel excluded De Ligt and put Kim Min-jae in at the beginning of the second half. Kim Min-jae was located on the left side of the center and worked with Upamecano.

The scene where Kim Min-jae stood out the most on the day came out in the 25th minute of the second half. Bayern Munich raised the line high and focused on the attack because they conceded three goals. That’s how much the burden was on the defense. He was particularly vulnerable to counterattacks. Even at this moment, Leipzig quickly hit and came up through a single counterattack, and Benjamin Seshko penetrated the back of the defense and caught the ball. It was a dangerous situation where it was a one-on-one run, but Kim Min-jae caught up with Sesuko with explosive speed. Cesuko attempted to shoot after beating the goalkeeper inside the penalty box, but Kim Min-jae threw himself to defend, and Bayern Munich escaped from the crisis of losing a point.

It was a scene where Kim Min-jae’s unique speed and smart interpersonal mark skills shone. It was definitely different from Upamecano’s inability to chase from behind and just watching the counterattack scene. It immediately proved why Bayern Munich paid the third-largest transfer fee in the club’s history of 50 million euros (about 72.9 billion won).

If he lost a point here, Bayern Munich is likely to have lost by four goals by 0-4. 0-3 is humiliating enough, but 0-4 is a more humiliating defeat on a different level. It is also significant that Bayern Munich did not lose a point here.

Perhaps that’s why Bayern Munich spectators gathered at Allianz Arena stood up and applauded and cheered after Kim Min-jae’s overwhelming defense. He seemed fascinated by Kim Min-jae’s play, which prevented additional runs even though he was losing 0-3.

In fact, in terms of the results alone, it is difficult for Bayern Munich and Kim Min-jae to be satisfied. Kim Min-jae was completely defeated in the first official game of the season, so he could not laugh at the result of the game regardless of his play.

Still, Kim Min-jae received good reviews from local media even after playing only in the second half. After the game, Bild gave Kim Min-jae a rating of 3. It was the highest score among Bayern Munich players. De Ligt of the same position scored five points and Upamecano scored four points. The lower the built-in rating, the better.

Although the team lost, Kim Min-jae made a successful and intense debut. After finishing the Super Cup, Kim Min-jae will prepare to play in the away match of the opening game of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season against Werder Bremen on the 19th.

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