Lee Kang-in’s competition for PSG’s main player is another red light

Fabrice Hawkins, a reporter for France’s RMC Sports who is familiar with PSG news, said on the 30th, Dembele’s buyout clause expires on Monday evening 31st, and Dembele is closer to transferring to PSG than ever. 토토사이트링크 The next few hours are crucial, and Paris is mobilizing every measure. If there is no change at the last minute, Dembele will be a Parisian, he reported.

In the end, Dembele appears to have opted for a move to PSG. Fabricio Romano, a reporter who is known as an expert in the European transfer market while working in the UK’s Guardian, said on his personal SNS on the 31st, Dembele agreed to the PSG transfer. I sent a green light for the first time since PSG’s offer arrived. PSG has reached a verbal agreement with Dembele agent on a five-year contract, he said, updating rumors of Dembele’s transfer.

Dembele is a stadren – grown player who began playing in the first team in the 2015-16 Season. After showing great talent in Ren, he moved to Dortmund a year later. In Dortmund, Dembele did not have an adaptation period, and he immediately became a key player of the team.

After spending his first season at Dortmund, Dembele immediately became a target for Barcelona. At that time, Barcelona was looking for a replacement when Neymar moved to PSG with an astronomical transfer fee, and Dembele was caught on the radar network.

At this time, Dortmund tried never to let Dembele go. This is because he is a key player in Thomas Tuchel’s system and has a long contract period left. Dembele, who was dissatisfied with this, was controversial because he was unprofessional, such as absent from the club’s training without permission.

Barcelona, which desperately needed a replacement for Neymar, eventually succeeded in recruiting players by paying 135 million euros about 189.4 billion won to bring Dembele. It was the highest transfer fee in Barcelona’s history.

Dembele, however, has never served as a replacement for Neymar. He suffered minor injuries and even caused personal problems, becoming a headache for the team. In the meantime, Dembele was hated by fans by refusing to renew his contract with Barcelona. Barcelona were forced to renew their contract because they could not send out a player for free for the highest transfer fee in the club’s history.

Dembele also ruled in favor of Barcelona in the end, but the renewal he signed at this time became a snowball. Dembele’s buyout is only 50 million euros about 70.1 billion won. PSG needed a clear main player in the right winger position, and he chose Dembele as the player. However, the buyout is 50 million euros until July 31. It will be 100 million euros about 140.2 billion won from August 1.

PSG has put an official offer in Barcelona, Romano said. I’m doing my best to close the deal. “This negotiation depends on the timing, he explained. Dembele is also likely to sign the deal because he expressed his intention to transfer.

If Dembele heads to PSG, it is not good news for Lee Kang-in. PSG manager Luis Enrique put Lee Kang-in as the right winger in a friendly match against Le Havre, Lee Kang-in’s debut. Midfielder Lee Kang-in is also possible, but coach Enrique seems to have appreciated Lee Kang-in’s aggressive ability.

However, recruiting Dembele means that the right winger needed additional reinforcement. Dembele and Lee Kang-in are completely different stars, but they are bound to be rivals because they have the same position. Dembele has ups and downs and minor injuries, but his presence on the field is a genius.

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