Legend’s retrospective of being hit by a Tyson

Roy Jones Jr., 55, who last played against “nuclear fist” Mike Tyson, 58, issued a warning to Jake Paul, 27, a YouTuber and boxer who will face Tyson in July. Tyson’s punch is still powerful, so he probably won’t come to his senses.

Fox Sports reported on the 29th that “the boxing legend warned Jake Paul about Tyson’s punch ability.” The media outlet delivered what Roy Jones Jr. said on his YouTube show, recalling the days when he faced Tyson in 2020.

Jones played a 2 minute, 8th round match against Tyson, who returned to the ring after 15 years, to draw. Jones, the 1988 Seoul Olympic silver medalist, is a living legend who won the four-weight division including middleweight, super-middleweight, light-heavyweight, and heavyweight. He announced his retirement after winning a match with Scott Sigmon in 2018. He returned after two years and faced Tyson. Tyson, who has a 15-year absence and is older, surprised Jones by throwing several threatening punches with better-than-expected performances.

“The first time he hit me in the chest, I felt like a mule was kicking me in the chest,” Jones said, recalling the time. “If he hits someone with a shot like that, they’ll either go out or collapse. Especially for players who are not familiar with shots like that,” Jones said. “Jake Paul, I don’t think you can accept that. You can hit him in the jaw, but it’s going to be hard later on.” Jones said Tyson’s punch, which was in his mid-50s, was still threatening.

Tyson will face Paul (9-1), a popular YouTuber and boxer who has 20 million subscribers, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20. The 29-year gap between the two will be broadcast live by Netflix.

Tyson recently posted a video of his training on social media, introducing his preparations for the game. “I was scared to the death,” he said of his showdown with Paul. Tyson explained more about his definition of “fear.” He said, “I have a weird personality. I do whatever I’m afraid of. That’s weird. I was also afraid of playing against Roy Jones in 2020. I was old and needed to lose a lot of weight, so I said, “Let’s try it. It’s my personality to face whatever I’m afraid of.”

“I always believed that adversity and tension led me to success,” Tyson said ahead of his “frightening” showdown with 20-year-old boxer Paul. “Without those feelings, I would not have participated in the fight.” Tyson said, “As the fight gets closer, I become less nervous because it’s real. And in fact, I’m invincible,” showing confidence in his showdown with Paul.

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