Macau Trial Heard More Sun City Group ‘Side Bet’ Allegations

The trial of 21 people accused of various illegal games, fraud, money laundering and criminal association violations in Macau reportedly heard testimony again relating to the prevalence of “side betting” activity within many casinos in the residence.

According to a report by GGRAsia on Thursday, defendant Cheng Chi Kin admitted that gamblers had been linked to “side bets” through VIP lounges within several Macau casinos to allow them to secretly place bets much larger than those displayed as chips on the actual game table. The source also explained that the court of first instance admitted the rooms had been run by local junket companies, including Suncity Group.

Damaged sediments:

Chung was among 20 people arrested late last year along with former Sun City Group boss Alvin Chauchuk on charges of several illegal activities, including money laundering and promoting illegal gambling services. The person reportedly testified that fellow defendant Ali Celestino (pictured) was among those who helped develop a computer system to accurately record “side betting” activities.

Alert connection:

The defendant reportedly described himself as the president of a local food and beverage company before telling prosecutor Lai Wu-hou that he had additionally acted as a “junket agent” for Sun City Group. After defining Chow as a “friend,” Chung reportedly admitted that he was related to “side betting” companies that hired “dozens” but “not related” to Sun City Group.

Criticism comments:

However, Cheng later revealed that he received administrative support from Sun City Group employees while helping potential “side betting” customers mentioned by Mr. Chow. The defendant later went one step further by claiming that the former Sun City Group chairman knew that illegal activities were widespread within his company’s VIP room and played a big role in Macau’s overall gaming industry.

Witness Weight:

Celestino reportedly described Chung as a “shareholder” of Sun City Group and Chow’s “business partner” in his previous testimony. Nevertheless, the former junket executive reportedly denied he had any involvement in “side betting” activities, despite acknowledging he was aware of illegal systems to accurately track these illegal betting transactions.

Previous announcement:

Earlier in the week, Mr. Chow and Mr. Chow reportedly testified that they knew the “next kick” was taking place in all VIP halls and concession halls in Macau. Nevertheless, Mr. Chow, 48, allegedly pleaded not guilty by stating that he was “unaccustomed to gambling” and “not involved in gambling with customers” while only committing to running Suncity Group as a “global agency service.”

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