Maine Casino Faces Backlash for Mistaken Slot Promotion

Casinos across the United States offer different incentives for their customers. While many leading operators offer loyalty programs that allow their users to accumulate points and unlock different prizes, others offer raffles, promotions or giveaways. Hardly anyone can say no to something that is free, especially if that involves casino credit. This is precisely the case of an Oxford, Maine casino.

Oxford Casino, operated by Churchill Downs, has some 27,000 square feet of gaming space, offering 28 table games and 970 slot machines. The premier gaming and entertainment destination also offers a variety of dining outlets and a hotel with nearly 110 rooms. On a weekly basis, Oxford Casino engages in a special promotion, picking five customers who receive credits for slots.

The weekly draw grants five random clients with $250 in free slot credits, informing them via email. While usually, the number of customers is only five, recently, a number of other patrons also received such email. To their disappointment, this email was sent by mistake, as announced by FOX 23. Five lucky guests picked randomly received an email informing them of the $250 in free slot credits on January 10. However, shortly after, an unspecified number of customers were also sent the same promotional email.

Patrons File Complaints after the Mistaken Promotion Emails

Matt Gallagher, Oxford Casino’s general manager, revealed that five patrons were notified correctly about their winner status on January 10. Yet, he explained that as a result of a human error, other patrons who were not winners in the promotion also received the same email, notifying them of the free slot credits.

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