Min-Jae Kim out of defense and Munich 3 in defense

Kim Min-jae (26-Bayern Munich) has been left out of the Bundesliga’s most expensive eleven.

European soccer transfer market specialist Transfer Market released its list of the Bundesliga’s most expensive players on Monday (Aug. 19). Seven of the 11 players are from Bayern Munich. However, Bayern Munich center back Kim Min-jae did not make the list.

The lineup is a 4-3-3 formation. The four defenders are Alfonso Davies, Matthijs de Ligt, Dayo Upamecano (Bayern Munich) and Jeremy Frimpong (Leverkusen). Davies and De Ligt are valued at €70 million, Upamecano at €60 million, and Frimpong at €45 million. The outlet also valued Kim Min-jae at €60 million, but put Upamecano in the lineup instead of Kim.

In terms of playing time and contribution, Kim is Bayern Munich’s best center back. He started all seven Bundesliga games in the 2023-24 season. His total playing time was 598 minutes. That’s 85 minutes per game. This is the most minutes played by a center back.

Within Bayern Munich, only goalkeeper Sven Ulreich has played all seven games full-time. Leroy Sane, Davies, Harry Kane, and Kim Min-Jae have played nearly 600 minutes. After these five, Joshua Kimmich (586 minutes), Upamecano (572 minutes), Leon Goretzka (488 minutes), and Kingsley Coman (444 minutes) played the most minutes.

Two Bayern Munich players are among the top three best eleven midfielders in the Bundesliga. Kimmich and Jamal Moussaoui. Kimmich was valued at €75 million, while Moussaoui was valued at €110 million. Florian Wirz (Leverkusen) stood next to them.

Two of the three strikers are also from Bayern Munich. Sane and Kane topped the list as the most expensive strikers. Xavi Simmons (Leipzig) occupies the right flank. Sane cost €75 million, Kane €110 million, and Simons €70 million.

Finally, Gregor Kovacs (Dortmund) is the goalkeeper. Kovacs is the only Dortmund player to appear in this lineup. His price 토토 tag is estimated at €35 million. Out of the 11 players, only three (Upamecano, Frimpong, and Kovel) cost the same or less than Kim Min-jae (€60 million). This is why it’s even more disappointing to see Kim missing.

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