NC, Tucson Camp’s Second Blue and White Exhibition… Kim Soo-yoon, Coach Selection Special Guards

NC played a blue-and-white match at the spring camp in Tucson, Arizona on the 25th (local time).

On the 22nd, the first Cheongbaek match was held in six innings, which lasted until eight innings.

The players, who had enhanced their physical condition through various training sessions, coordinated their sense of play on the day. They checked pitching and hitting as well as their ability to perform operations in different situations of the game.

In general, the pitching staff performed well. New foreign pitchers Daniel Castano, Lee Jae-hak (one hit, one walk, one strikeout and no run in two innings), Choi Sung-young (one hit, two strikeouts and no run in two innings), and Ryu Jin-wook (one strikeout and no run in one inning) were named MVP of the game.

Outfielder Park Hang-ryul, who had two hits and an RBI in four at-bats, was named the MVP of the fielders.

Castano said, “I am adjusting well to the team with the help of my members. I will improve my condition step by step for the season.”

Meanwhile, Kang In-kwon designated Kim Soo-yoon as a special defensive player under the authority of the head coach.

Kim Soo-yoon impressed the coach for two consecutive games after being named MVP in the last match against Cheongbaek.

Kim Soo-yoon said, “I was stressed about the results until last year. This time, I think the process is more important than the results,” adding, “I got a good result because I felt comfortable psychologically, and I want to maintain this pace well throughout the season.”

Coach Kang praised the players, saying, “They seemed to be implementing the new rules well during the two matches against Cheongbaek,” adding, “All of them are preparing well according to their conditions.”

NC, which finished the blue-and-white match, is scheduled to hold a practice game against the LG Twins in Tucson on the 26th.

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