NUSTAR Convention Center in Cebu – something for everyone in the area’s largest location

NUSTAR Resort and Casino, a popular casino located in the Philippine state of Cebu, has decided to expand and open its new NUSTAR Convention Center, which is planned to be the largest hub in Visayas and Mindanao.

Big space to make your stay unforgettable:

The convention center can accommodate up to 2,000 guests, who can enjoy three banquet halls, a modern lobby, a pre-function lobby and hallway, a lounge located in the center’s open space, and a fantastic unique bridal lounge.

The interior will occupy an area of 2,449 square meters and have a 6-meter-high ceiling, which will make the space optically larger to enhance its visual versatility. This will allow various kinds of events to be held here, from corporate and networking events to various social gatherings, including wedding receptions.

There are many other spaces devoted to the diverse needs of various guests, including an upcoming couple, which provides a fantastic place for the bride to celebrate a special day. There is also a bridal lounge with a matching dressing room where she can enjoy a variety of amenities while the bride and her bridesmaid prepare for the reception. She can relax and peacefully prepare for the most important event in her life.

The open area lounge is designed to be more formal, such as private celebrations, networking sessions, and after-party, for those who do not want to leave their accommodation after the initial gathering. The company seems to have wanted to do something special for each guest, and so far, it seems great.

Beautiful lobby with corridor, lobby, ocean view:

The pre-functioning hallway is also a work of art in its own right. It sits in a large space measuring 60.7 by 8.6 m, allowing guests to enjoy the magnificent view while walking to the main event area.

The pre-functioning lobby covers 436 sq m and has been designated for visitors to enjoy fantastic panoramic sea views. The lobby covers 179 sq m and is fully committed to fulfilling visitors’ wishes.

As your company said, business conferences, various social events, exhibitions, and other events that can be hosted at the center are already available for reservation.

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