Ohtani’s recruitment is subject to a special budget

Los Angeles Angels general manager Perry Minasian stressed once again ahead of the trade deadline. Otani remains with the Angels until the end of the year. Along with Ohtani, he started strengthening his power to advance to the playoffs. Lucas Giolito was recruited to strengthen the starting lineup, and Reynaldo Lopez was brought in to thicken the bullpen. 토토사이트링크

In the meantime, teams that had been planning to bring Otani to the trade had to turn around in vain. The representative club is the Yankees. The Yankees consistently asked the Angels for the Ohtani trade. Last year, news came from SNY, a local New York station, that it also pushed for an “aggressive trade.”

The media said, “The Yankees have been serious about the Otani trade since last summer. The club has made a policy not to exceed the luxury tax baseline, which will also work effectively on the trade deadline. However, if it’s Otani, it’s a different story,” he reported. He also added, “If you are in a situation where you are bringing in a special player as big as Otani, a special budget can be set up.” In other words, he is a player worth bringing even if he changes his team’s policy.

In fact, the Yankees have been trying to wear Ohtani’s pin-striped uniform since November 2017. Even Brian Cashman, the general manager, did a “strength show” by riding a building.

“Otani, the stage for a great player to play, New York awaits,” Cashman said to a local broadcaster’s camera while riding a rope from the roof of a 22-story building. I want to raise my voice from the top of the building and shout our attention.” But the result is a failure. The Yankees were the first team to be revealed to be eliminated.

There is still a chance. The Angels said they would not trade Ohtani, but the renewal is uncertain. The LA Dodgers are considered the most likely candidate, but nothing has been decided yet. The Yankees are also looking for another chance.

Ohtani set a record for the Detroit Tigers in a doubleheader on Friday. In one game, he led the team to a 6-0 victory with one hit and shutout in nine innings, and in two games, he helped the team win 11-4 with consecutive at-bats home runs. Otani is the first player to record a shutout in one game and a home run in one game in a doubleheader.

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