P.E.I. News Accountable Gambling Strategy Introduced

Prince Edward Island recently introduced a new responsible gambling strategy after the approach was announced back in 2008. 온라인카지노 In the past, the biggest concern about problem gambling came from video lottery terminals, but now we believe the loudest alarm is related to the popularity of online gambling.

Two years ago, the P.E.I. government planned to introduce an online casino platform in partnership with an Atlantic lottery company along other Atlantic provinces, but the plan was delayed by raising concerns among locals about the negative impact, which led to discussions about renewing the state’s responsible play strategy.

Treasury Secretary Jill Burridge also noted that internet gambling is one of the main concerns in this day and age. She said the industry has changed and moved toward digitalization over the past 15 years. That’s why a new strategy is needed to help the province manage gambling in a responsible way, and she explained at the time that she had no plans for i-gaming.

P.E.I.’s new strategy was developed by consulting firm MRSB on behalf of the P.E.I. Lottery Committee, which recommends that the province introduce player cards for casino games and VLTs, utilizes them to set deposit and loss limits, provide feedback on game habits, and delete VLTs from sites that promote alcohol use during gambling or from sites that prolong it.

The launch of the province’s initial responsible gambling strategy includes restrictions on VLTs and integration of installation sites, so by moving some from private bars and community centers to two provincial casinos in the province, the new strategy recommends that funding for responsible gambling programs remain at least 1.5% of pure gourd revenue.

Other recommendations of this strategy are that the province should use credit cards at casinos to limit islanders’ ability to gamble and limit access to ATMs at VLT venues. The government should also work with experts to find more dangerous digital games while funding research to investigate the long-term impact of iGaming on gambling dissemination in the region.

Shortly after plans for a platform for a provincial-run online casino platform were announced, experts such as David Hodgins of the University of Calgary opposed the idea. Experts believe that the launch of such websites in the provinces could worsen many people’s compulsive gambling conditions, despite bringing new players to the scene.

But then finance minister Darlene Compton said Ireland should keep pace with the rest of the country, which already offers such legal online services.

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