Panduel Leads New York Mobile Sports Betting In September

In September, New York saw the start of another exciting NFL and college football season, which prompted the online sports betting market to regain its betting scale. 바카라사이트 But in terms of operator performance, FanDual still holds a firm grip on the local market and accumulated the biggest betting activity of all sportsbooks in September.

After years of legislative work, Empire State launched mobile sports betting in January this year and allowed a total of nine sportsbook apps to work. And even after a year of operations, the market has already topped US$10 billion in total betting activity, making it the top sports betting market in the United States.

Since the start of the NFL and college football seasons in early September, FanDual has reported the largest volume of processed bets among all other operators. The company accumulated US$466.8 million, a lead of US$76 million for the second operator in the market at the time. This was DraftKings at US$390.2 million.

In September, FanDual reported its largest gross profit, generating gross revenue of more than $61 million, far more than DraftKings’ $39.8 million. For the month, Caesars Sportsbook was the third most popular app with total handling of over US$152.6 million, with operators’ total game revenue of over US$16.4 million.

At the end of last week, the New York State Game Board said nine operators raised a total handling amount of $31639,691 for the week of September 25, 2022. Panduel reported a slight decrease to $122,029,798 and DraftKings at $97,694,658, while Caesars Sportsbook was at $39,429,501. 4th and 5th places were BetMGM and BetRivers at $23,865,591 and $8,797,193, respectively.

According to local regulators, nine apps contributed US$29,836,595 to total gaming revenue. Taxation at 51% resulted in $15.2 million in tax revenue. Panduel had the largest GGR at $13,318,008, followed closely by DraftKings at $10,040,540. Caesars came in third with $3,818,314, while BetMGM and Betrivers came in fourth and fifth with $1,998,159 and $454,252, respectively.

Meanwhile, local experts have a lot of confidence in the state’s online sports betting market in the NFL season after a relatively quiet summer. Rob Williams, executive director of the New York State Game Board, believes the first full NFL season will allow the state to clear more betting milestones and achieve $500 million in tax revenue.

Regulators were right to expect much from the surge in online sports betting weekly handles as soon as the NFL season began. In addition, GeoCompley confirmed that more than 103 million geolocation checks were performed in the country during the first week of NFL games. More than 15.7 million, or 15.2%, came from Empire State and passionate bets.

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