Paul to TysonI’m not worried about the iron jaw nuclear fist

Jake Paul, 27, a YouTuber-turned-professional boxer who will face legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, 57, in July, claimed he was not afraid of Tyson’s “nuclear fist.”
Paul invited his lover Utah Leirdam, a Dutch women’s speed skater, to a podcast he runs (BSw/ Jake Paul), and when Tyson was mentioned, she asked a half-joking question.

“What if Tyson knocks him down (with his strong punch)?” Leyredam asked in the video released on Tuesday (Korea time). When Paul said, “If that happens, why don’t you turn your eyes away?” Leyredam wondered, “Be serious, baby, if you get hit by Tyson, will that be your last match?” It was a question that confirmed how fearful Tyson was.
In response, Paul ended the joke by replying that Tyson would not be able to knock him out.

Tyson, who has won 50 games (six losses) in his professional career, has won 44 of them with KO’s. That’s why he is nicknamed “Iron” and “cast iron fist.” On the other hand, Paul has recorded nine wins (six KO’s) and one draw, which is incomparable to Tyson, a boxing Hall of Fame inductee, as he has fought against celebrities including former basketball players.

Nevertheless, Paul stressed that he is not worried about facing Tyson at all.

“I’m very quick and sharp,” Paul said, according to USA Today.

Above all, he argued that he was advantageous due to the large difference in his actual experience.

Tyson has never entered the ring since his return match (2 minutes, 8 rounds exhibition game) in 15 years after retirement in November 2020. On the other hand, Paul is an active boxer who fought eight more times since Tyson’s return match as an “undercard” and secured a KO.
“I’m not nervous at all,” he said, predicting that Tyson will not be able to knock him down after playing consistently for several years.

Paul recently met Tyson for a promotional shoot and shook his hand, and he said he had strong grip. “My hands felt like bricks,” he recalled. “I want to see how strong Tyson will wield his fist.”

Paul then said that if Tyson is a “beef fist,” he’s a “beef jaw.” He said that Tyson had a strong hawk to withstand the attack. “People know that. I tend to allow my opponent’s fists. So I think people underestimate my ability to deal with his power. And that’s going to be the interesting part.”

When he plays at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20, Tyson will be 58 years old, 31 years apart from Paul.
In response, Paul said, “I am facing great challenges, regardless of his age, he is clearly the most difficult yet the most barbaric and deadly opponent, because strength is the last thing to disappear.”

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