Philippine gaming regulator explains alleged lack of pogo back tax

The Philippines’ gaming regulator reportedly recently announced that an independent government commission had settled just over a third of the centurion it claimed owed to the collection of Philippine offshore game operators (POGO) license holders.

According to a report by Inside Asian Gaming, guardians of the Philippine Entertainment Gaming Corporation (PAGCor) have responded to claims released by the Audit Committee last week that a group of licensed eye game companies in the country is losing more than $42.55 million in total. The source explained that the figures were released after a formal review and represented total arrears over the past year.

Faulty figures:

However, PAGCor reportedly declared that just over $14.89 million of that total was “finally settled” after it was wrongly charged to a business operator suspected of operating an undeclared website. Regulators also announced in a “thorough re-examination” that the secret domain turned out to be a product of an unlicensed agency stealing livestreams from POGO-licensed companies.

Pandemic Issues:

PAGCor then reportedly attributed the remaining $27.66 million in unpaid taxes to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its own decision to tally the minimum guarantee fees incurred by local licensed iGaming companies that have not yet reopened. The Philippines began distributing POGO certifications in 2019, but the number of high-water markings at 63 public operators has since dropped to 26 as of April, and regulators have also unilaterally cancelled 22 licenses since the start of the year.

They say they read PAGCor’s explanation…

“Despite being allowed to resume operations from June 2020, existing lockdowns, restrictions on business operations, bans on foreign workers entering the country and other epidemic measures have still prevented most operators from resuming operations. This has resulted in receivables.”

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