Postecogl will leave Tottenham this summer

Tottenham Hotspur prospect wing-forward Brian Hill looks set to find a new team in the coming summer.

Britain’s “Cut Off Side” reported on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), “Coach Enze Postecoglou seems certain to leave Tottenham this summer because he has no plans for Hill ahead of the 2024-25 season.”

Through a swap deal with Erik Lamela in the summer of 2021, Hill wore a 안전놀이터 Tottenham uniform. His contract period is 2026. Despite his young age, Tottenham had high expectations for Hill. He highly values his potential and recruited him.

However, the team failed to seize the opportunity. Position rival Son Heung-min has been playing well, and even in the right wing forward position, he could hardly afford to play due to Lucas Moura and Dejan Kulusevski. In the end, Hill pulled out a knife. Hill left for Valencia on a short-term loan after half a season of transferring to Tottenham.

He regained his skills on the stage in Spain.

Fortunately, he regained his skills on the familiar Spanish stage. Hill gained experience by playing in 17 matches (13 matches for La Liga) for Valencia, where he displayed outstanding performances in every appearance. Although he failed to score a goal, he displayed impressive performance and returned to Tottenham Hotspur.

However, there was no room for Hill after his return. Hill sat on the bench most of 토토사이트 matches, but did not get a chance as a substitute. He was completely shunned by then-manager Antonio Conte. Ultimately, Hill chose to transfer on loan again. He went on loan to Sevilla in La Liga, Spain.

There was no reversal. Hill has been sitting on the bench all season long. He had a chance to play in just 11 games under Postecoglou, and played a total of 221 minutes. He only played 14 minutes in the 2024 league standard, considering his best performance.

In particular, Hill made Son Heung-min angry once.

Hill, who had the opportunity to start the match against Manchester City in December last year, hesitated in the opportunity to score in the middle of the first half and missed the opportunity. Had he passed the ball to Son right away, he could have scored. Son was furious at the incident. Hill was shunned by Postecoglou as he was replaced as soon as the team started the second half.

After all, chances are high that he will leave his team for the upcoming summer. “Hill wants to return to Sevilla next season, and Tottenham is likely to accept his offer,” Spain’s Mundo Deportido said.

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