Quebec To Close Casino Properties Again

As the number of cases of unprecedented conditions has increased, the Quebec government has relied on stopping some social activities. 바카라사이트 As a result, state order Roto Quebec announced that casino properties in the state would be temporarily closed. VLT, Bingo and Kinzo offers at bars will also be suspended.

Roto Quebec’s sentiment quickly changed after the state government’s announcement, as Crown Corporation will once again suspend casino operations. At the same time last year, the agency had to close the casino, leaving more than 2,300 employees without work. Now, it remains to be seen how long the property will be closed.

On Monday, Roto-Québec announced it would evaluate the situation after the state announced new restrictions. Crown’s idea is to move most of its staff to customer service, as it did during the last lockdown. This allows the company to retain most of its employees and provide them with work during the shutdown.

Jean-Francãois Bergeron, president and CEO of Crown Corporation, said the company has already faced a similar crisis and the team now knows how to respond. Currently, it is unknown how long casino assets among other companies will be excluded from the game. Crown also informs you that VLT, Bingo, and Kinzo offers will also be unavailable in the bar.

This week, it also released fiscal figures for the second quarter of 2021-2022 that ended September 27, 2021. During the quarter, the company reported a profit of CA$388 million, up 58% year-over-year. It also indicates that we are close to achieving our annual goals.

In addition, Mr. Bergeron shared that prior to the latest restrictions, the company hopes to return about C$1.1 billion to the government, or 90% of its unprecedented situational profit. He concluded that the recent shutdown would put additional pressure on the company’s finances, but would depend on how long the property will be closed.

Not long ago, Roto-Québec announced that it would not require its employees to be vaccinated in an unprecedented situation. The Crown has argued that it disagrees with other local agencies that have mandated vaccinations for its employees. At the time, Mr. Bergeron said the company did not know the exact vaccination rate for its employees, but it was about 77 percent local.

Recently, the company’s casino Lakremi in Gatino was involved in a controversy related to the state’s health and safety rules. A survey conducted by Radio-Canada found that customers at gaming facilities did not comply with mask obligations imposed by the state government. Also, no staff recommended that the guests wear the mask again.

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