Renew Mbappe’s Contract You Can Go Out Next Year

France’s RMC Sports said on the 30th, July 31, this Monday, is the deadline for Mbappe to extend his contract at PSG until the 2024-25 season, highlighting how the current situation surrounding Mbappe is going. 스포츠토토핫

Mbappe informed PSG in June that it would not invoke the renewal clause. At the same time, he said he would leave the team after the end of the 2023-24 season. Since then, the relationship between PSG and Mbappe has rapidly frozen.

If Mbappe does not renew his contract and stays this summer, PSG will have to take huge losses. Currently, Mbappe is the most expensive player in the world, worth 180 million euros. At this rate, we will have to lose 250 billion won worth of players for free in a year. In other words, PSG cannot recover the amount paid to recruit Mbappe at all.

In response, PSG contacted Vodzine directly to persuade Mbappe. PSG leaders have offered to renew their contracts, RMC Sports said. According to the club, it was a proposal that included a sale clause next summer, but Mbappe refused and did not respond, he explained.

PSG reportedly talked to the player several times not to send Mbappe without a transfer fee. Each time, Mbappe replied that he would not leave without a transfer fee. According to a club official, Mbappe has conveyed this position eight times.

However, Mbappe suddenly changed his position and is about to leave the team on a free agent next summer. In this situation, PSG is also taking out the strong move of excluding pre-season tours to sell Mbappe this summer.

Al-Hilal, backed by the power of Saudi Arabia’s capital in PSG’s firm position, moved to recruit Mbappe. The transfer fee alone amounted to 300 million euros about 421.2 billion won. Al-Hilal tried to match his annual salary of 700 million euros about 982.8 billion won, including several provisions.

It was a huge offer that could easily surpass the world’s best salary at this point, but Mbappe didn’t even look at it. He maintained his position that he would play one more season in PSG and then choose the team he wanted.

As Mbappe did not want to leave easily, PSG even sought a deal with Barcelona. He didn’t want Mbappe to walk into Real Madrid. However, even this is difficult to achieve. Barcelona is in dire financial difficulties.

As a result, PSG is gradually taking steps to resign. Even PSG is preparing to accept a very low, insulting offer that will arrive at the last minute from Real, RMC Sports explained.

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