Rival Companies Application for Ontario Game License

Rival, a sports betting and media company, has decided to become part of Ontario’s new open i-game market later this year. The company recently informed the Ontario State Alcohol and Gaming Commission that it has joined the new regime and submitted an application to transform itself into a fully regulated sports betting operator in Ontario.

River is a company that operates River Limited, a popular sports betting and media medium that offers regulated betting on sports, esports, and casino products. The game company is headquartered in Toronto and has access to more than 18 countries around the world. He is also a proud owner of the game field betting service Quest.

Now, competitors are ready to take the challenge of joining Ontario’s new iGaming regime for private operators. The company has already applied for such licenses with iGaming Ontario, a subsidiary of AGCO that evaluates and awards the candidates. Upon approval, the company will be able to launch e-sports, general sports and casinos offering rush lanes to local gamblers.

The competitor has received regulatory approval from iGaming Ontario and will supply its products to the provinces within the first half of next year. Steven Salz, CEO and co-founder, says that as a Toronto-based company, the team is very excited about the possibility of bringing amazing products and content to its territory.

Mr Saltz also praised the Ontario government for its leadership in developing such licensing procedures for the new i-Gaming regime. According to him, the state’s launch has the potential to set an example for a successful open licensing model on the continent, providing safe and regulated bets to fans and locals.

Currently, the company has a gaming license from Isle of Man and an Australian conditional license that offers access to more than 100 markets around the world, and the rollout is expected to be completed during this fourth quarter. The company also plans to apply for more licenses in much more jurisdictions, expanding globally.

In April this year, the sports and esports betting leader announced the appointment of the experienced Stephen Rigby to the board. Mr. Rigby served as CEO and President of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company, and now he will help acquire Ontario’s iGaming market.

After the iGaming application and licensing process began, AGCO provided more details for operators planning to submit their entries. According to game operators, operators must terminate their connection to the gray market area before applying. Also, they have to pay C$100,000 a year for every game site

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