Rochester Casino, not part of the Senecas Gaming Compact

Discussions are underway on a new game compact between the Seneca Nation of Indians and the New York State Administration. 슬롯머신 When negotiations began in June 2023, it was reported that the new compact would include opening a casino in Rochester, but such plans have now been reportedly abandoned.

The two sides have only recently resumed talks, but leaks about the possibility of the Seneca Nation casino in Rochester have not been well received by the community. It turned out that Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office did not brief Rochester lawmakers on the clause, and discussions were later halted after the governor failed to get permission to sign a new consultation agreement.

However, recent reports suggest that the provision for the tribal-owned Rochester games ground has now been left out of the talks, and after the announcement of a prior agreement between the two sides, they have met again and decided to take the game amenities business out of the discussion.

The tribe said in a statement that the agreement of fair and equitable contracts comes first and must be done for the state as well. The statement read recently that New York presented an unreasonable, unfair and unacceptable proposal that differed significantly from its position when negotiations were suspended in June 2023. And it stated that these kinds of games cannot be resumed.

The current agreement expires within 120 days, but the shortage is optimistic that it will be enough time to sign a new agreement with the state. Also, if a deal is reached, it must be approved by the Interior Department, but if the two parties fail to reach a deal before Dec. 9, 2023, the state may have to introduce a clause that allows it to retain its current contract.

In addition, Governor Hochul’s office issued a statement saying that the administration is currently working with the tribe to ensure that the agreement is fair and that it is working to resolve the needs of key stakeholders.

It is also worth mentioning that Governor Hochul recently vowed not to participate in the negotiations due to the possibility of a conflict of interests, but it is because her husband works for a competitor in Seneca. Nevertheless, he has been criticized by the tribal chief, Rich Armstrong Sr., for failing to communicate with relevant state legislators and Rochester state officials.

Councillor Harry Bronson was among the councillors to voice concerns about the lack of transparency in the late-night revelations of a potential casino in downtown Rochester.

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