Samsung bullpen turnaround is full of confidence

Samsung Lions manager Park Jin-man is happily thinking ahead to the start of the 2024 KBO season. The bullpen is much thicker than last year, making it harder to organize the roster. Last year, a weak bullpen cost Samsung countless upsets. This year, there is hope that the team will not repeat last year’s nightmare.

When Park was asked about his biggest concern ahead of the Gwangju exhibition game against the Kia Tigers on April 18, he said, “It’s the bullpen. It’s a happy concern. Last year, I was worried because of the stress (of a weak bullpen). This year, we have a lot of environmental reinforcements. I’m worried because it’s solid. It definitely feels different from last year,” he laughed.

In fact, Samsung’s bullpen has been criticized for its turnaround. Last year, Samsung ranked last among 10 teams with a 5.16 bullpen ERA. It was the reason the team suffered 38 come-from-behind losses. After the season, the team rolled up its sleeves to strengthen its bullpen. 토토사이트 They acquired Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min in free agency. They then added left-hander Choi Sung-hoon and right-hander Yang Hoon in the second round of the draft.

After spring training and exhibition games, the positions were finalized.

Oh Seung-hwan will remain in the closer’s role, with Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min in front of him as the closer. Choi Sung-hoon is the left-handed closer. Compared to last year’s bullpen, it’s a far cry. The uneasy atmosphere in the late innings is expected to be different this year.

“Oh Seung-hwan will close, Kim Jae-yoon will pitch the eighth inning, and Lim Chang-min will pitch the seventh inning,” Park said. We can also utilize Choi Sung-hoon (from the second round) and Lee Jae-ik, who has improved since last year, as left-handed pitchers. Choi Ha-neul has also improved his pitches, so it’s not easy to decide (who to leave out) for the opening game,” he laughed.

“Last year, we didn’t have such a finalized roster, and we used up a lot of stamina because we were always playing with good physical condition. Now that we have reinforcements, we are taking proper rest and managing our physical fitness. With three new pitchers coming in, the pitchers who pitched last year are feeling the pressure. It’s a great atmosphere,” he added.

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