Samsung’s Kim Young-woong, who broke the egg in his passive personality, is confident from his high-flying home run

Samsung’s Kim Young-woong (21) is breaking eggs and showing his presence.

Kim Young-woong became a “hero” in his name in an exhibition game against Lotte at Daegu Stadium on the 15th.

Kim Young-woong, who was listed in the starting lineup as the eighth shortstop, fired a superior three-run, three-run home run against Lotte starter Na Kyun-an in the bottom of the fifth inning with no outs and runners on the first and second bases. Samsung, which was trailing 0-2, turned the game around 3-2 with Kim Young-woong’s home run and was able to win as the bullpen kept a point difference.

This further cemented Kim Young-woong’s position as the team’s main shortstop.

After graduating from Mugeukgo University, Kim was nominated as the third in the second round and first round in the 2022 Rookie Draft. It was to make the fielders’ depth thicker.

He left strong impression from his first stage in the first division. After staying in the second division due to injury, he played in the first division game for the first time on Sept. 13, 2022, and hit a home run from his first at bat. He was listed in the starting lineup as the ninth shortstop in the game against Changwon NC, and hit a fastball against opposing starter Song Myung-ki in the third inning to cross the right fence, and became the 20th player to hit a home run in his first at bat. This is the ninth time in his team’s history when limited to the first year of joining the team.

However, the opportunity to become a starting member rarely came. Lee Jae-hyun, his fellow infielders, played a key role and became a starting shortstop. Kim Young-woong was given a chance to play third baseman rather than shortstop. Until last year, he played only 68 games in the first division.

It was also influenced by his passive personality. The coaching staff made great efforts to change Kim’s introverted personality. Samsung coach Park Jin-man even made fun of him by saying that his name is the same as that of famous singer Lim Young-woong, and ordered him to shout fighting in the dugout.

His personality, which had never been fixed, began to change in preparation for this season. When manager Park Jin-man talked about the batting, Kim replied, “I want to do it like this since I prepared it like this.” The head coach was also surprised to see that.

The long-awaited opportunity has come. Lee Jae-hyun is recovering from a shoulder injury. He is recovering fast, but cannot join the opening entry. Kim Young-woong is mentioned as the first candidate to fill Lee’s position.

Kim Young-woong, who announced his existence with a home run in his first at-bat, imprinted his name again with a home run even before an important opportunity.

After the game, Kim Young-woong said, “I went into the batter’s box with the intention of aiming for a breaking ball, but the in-course I saw from the previous batting came in and hit it. Certainly, I think it’s right to be active before the two-strike,” and expressed confidence, saying, “I feel that the batting balance is improving.”

Coach Park Jin-man also praised Kim Young-woong, saying, “I think the overall hit is coming up little by little. Kim Young-woong is also playing well.”

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