Sands China works with for cultural sports events

Sands China Ltd., a Macau casino operator, announced its collaboration with to organize and promote various kinds of cultural events, artistic performances, concerts, and sporting events. The platform is a news website operated by China Central Television (CCTV), a state-run broadcaster in China.

The goal is to “promote traditional Chinese culture and classical works of art,” Sands China said in a press release.

The game group added that the two brands will “co-develop new cultural brands or promote existing brands related to stage plays, variety shows, films, TV dramas, and online audiovisual content.” This is through “organizational events, tours, exhibitions, and festivals.”

The casino company also said in a statement on Thursday that it would work with , part of the state-run China Media Group, to “produce stage plays, digital dramas and other intellectual property projects in Macau.”

Another area of cooperation will be events related to “virtual sports” and “esports” contests, it announced.

Since COVID-19 restrictions were eased in early 2023, a number of Macau casino operators have announced partnerships with entertainment providers established or based in China to offer casino resort visitors a range of attractions, including live concerts, television and video programming, and awards ceremonies coordinated through Macau.

Sands China announced in early December that it had each agreed to a “strategic partnership” with Hong Kong Maoyan Live Entertainment Ltd, part of Mainland Maoyan Entertainment, a cross-platform provider of Tencent Video and entertainment-related services in mainland China.

Part of the plans under the deal were cultural and entertainment projects held at properties in Sands China.

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