Sask’s First Online Gaming Platform is Now Online

This week, Saskatchewan is making history with the launch of its first regulated online platform for gambling and sports betting. 릴게임사이트 On Thursday, November 3, 2022, the province launched PlayNow, which allows eligible betters to play casino games and bet on their preferred sporting events in a fun yet responsible manner.

PlayNow’s launch comes a year after the Canadian federal government decriminalized single-event betting and opened up numerous possibilities for the industry. Playnow is owned by the British Columbia Lottery Company, managed by Sask. Gaming of Saskatchewan, operated by the Saskatchewan Indian gaming authority, and regulated by the Saskatchewan Liquor and gaming authority.

Shanna Schulhauser, head of communications with the Saskatchewan gaming company, commented that the opening of the iGame segment in the province was possible after a historic agreement between the company and the Saskatchewan Indian gaming authority. The agreement was announced last year. She said the launch was also tremendous news for economic reconciliation in the province.

According to Sask. Gaming, the digital platform offers over 500 casino games and a world-class suite of sports betting. Revenue from the website is evenly distributed to the province and FSIN to support economic development, healthcare, education, and many community services. It is expected to generate C$60 million in four years.

Due to the legalization of single-sports betting, there has been a wealth of advertising and publicity in the industry. Mr. Schulhauser explained that this is why the province chose Play Now. The site offers problem gambling recommendations and advice 24 hours a day, as well as pop-ups telling you the time and cost.

PlayNow is already online in BC, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, which gave the province a chance to do research before engaging in sports gambling. She also shared that she is happy to celebrate more gaming revenue in the provinces as the new online portal will attract journalists from the gray market.

In July, Susque Gaming reported fiscal figures for the fiscal year 2021-2022. In the fiscal year, the company showed a significant recovery from the previous year, generating net income of more than C$19.1 million. Revenue recovery could be explained by the province’s easing of health and safety protocols to help casino properties return to normal.

In the report, the agency reported revenue of C$77.8 million, up sharply from C$30.9 million last year. Costs for the fiscal year also increased, as the company shared that it recorded C$58.7 million, while costs for 2020-2021 were significantly lower, reaching about C$44.3 million.

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