‘Satisfied with the effect of Song Kyo-chang’s return,’ says head coach Chang-jin Jeon, ‘Big lineup, good job’

“We tried a big lineup and it worked better than I thought it would.”

Busan KCC defeated Anyang Jungkwanjang 108-99 in a back-and-forth game that featured 32 three-pointers in the 2023-2024 Jungkwanjang Professional Basketball Home Game at Busan Sajik Gymnasium on Monday.

KCC made 17 three-pointers, led by Heo Woong, who exploded for 10 three-pointers on the night. Jeong Kwanjang hit 15 three-pointers, with a select group of players hitting threes. However, Jung Kwan-jang 온라인카지노 felt like he hit a three-pointer after the game was decided.

KCC took the lead midway through the second quarter, 32-31, with three consecutive three-pointers from Heo Woong, and then went on a scoring spree in the third quarter with a running offense to take a 20-point lead. After battling around the 20-point mark, KCC’s turnovers increased in the final minutes of the game and they ended the game with a nine-point margin.

KCC Head Coach Jeon Chang-jin
Game Recap
For the first time this season, we played with confidence. Song Kyo-chang came in and played about 25 minutes (23:59). We tried the big lineup and it worked better than I thought. The defense rotation was pretty good, and I’ll have to think about it a lot in the future.
I asked the players to be more focused when we were up by more than 10 points, and they felt it, so it all worked out. All in all, I’m happy with the game.
Alize Johnson did a really good job of listening to me and playing really focused. Lagana and Johnson did a good job centering, and Huong has been in good shooting form lately, so she was comfortable.

Lee Geun-hwi goes out with 4 minutes left in the second quarter and the call is overturned.
Personally, I thought that when Kwan-jang Jung comes out as a three guard, it’s tough. We played a switch defense, and it worked well, and Jung Kwan-jang was a mismatch, so he had no choice but to come out in the long lineup, so we were comfortable. It’s too bad that Lee Kun-hwi can’t play his role in that situation.

Lee’s role in the big lineup
Lee Seung-hyun’s defense, rebounding, and mid-range shooting have been good lately. It was good. If we get that type of movement at the end, it’s fine. I asked Choi Jun-yong to be the ball handler. We communicated a lot and it was a big role for Junyong (Choi) to open up the game. He played to his strengths. Junyong is very quick to grab defensive rebounds and drive to the basket, so when we were outnumbered, Ungi had a chance to shoot. He did his job well.

He made 10 three-pointers, and Heo Woong also made 10 three-pointers.
He’s prettier now (laughs). Honestly, I didn’t think about the record. If I had, I would have played him until the end. It’s a shame. Heung said, ‘Coach, I’ll make one more,’ so I let him play more, and he should have made 11. I didn’t think about that and said, ‘I just need one more,’ so I said, ‘OK,’ but if I had 11, I should have played more. I didn’t realize that during the game.

Head Coach Kim Sang-sik
(Sighs) As expected, we gave up too many points to Hwoong. We let them score too easily in our switch defense and dinay defense. We chased them down later, but it was garbage. With two foreign players, you have to be aggressive whether you win or lose, but I neglected my defense and gave up easy points. I was matched up with Ragan and I just stood there and got an easy shot. A two-man game is a two-man game, but I was matched up. The next game (Feb. 2) is against KCC again, so I’ll review what didn’t work today (Feb. 29).

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