Shabby Exit Crisis Pogba Hires Professional Lawyer to Prove he Did Not Intend to Take Drugs

Paul Pogba (30, Juventus), who was on the verge of having his career cut short, finally hired a lawyer.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time), “Paul Pogba has hired a sports lawyer as he faces a dishonorable end to his career.”

Previously, on the 8th, Italian media ‘Football Italia’ announced, “Juventus is preparing to end its relationship with Paul Pogba.

On the same day, British ‘Sky Sports’ reported, “Pogba could face a ban of up to four years.

Italian anti-doping prosecutors requested a ban of up to four years for him. This could end his career. “It was reported.

Pogba failed a doping test last August. At the time, Pogba’s current team Juventus said, 먹튀검증사이트

The club received a preventive suspension order from the National Anti-Doping Investigation Committee (NADO) today, September 11, 2023, based on the results of a test conducted on August 20, 2023.

Notice. The club will consider what next steps to take,” the official statement said.

The game in question was the match against Udinese, which Juventus won 3-0. 

Pogba did not play in the game and only stayed on the bench, but he was included in a randomly selected drug test after the game. 

And tests revealed a problem with his testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a male hormone that increases the endurance of athletes and is one of the most commonly banned drugs. 

A NADO spokesperson explained that Pogba violated anti-doping regulations because a banned substance, ‘non-resistant testosterone metabolite’, was found in his sample.

Pogba strongly insisted that it was not intentional at the time, but there was no reversal. 

He said he never tried to break the rules and asked for a counter-analysis of the positive tests, but all tests came back positive in the second test. 

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which promotes the production of other hormones such as testosterone, was found in both samples.

It is known that supplements taken without much thought became the cause of the problem. 

ESPN’ said, “According to one source, Pogba was prescribed food supplements by one of his friends who is a doctor in Miami, USA.

Certain supplements are available in the US, but not in Italy.”

Football Italia quoted ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ and said, “Juventus and Pogba are destined to separate the moment the disciplinary action is confirmed.

Currently, the relationship between Juventus and Pogba is reaching its end,” and “Pogba will be released in 2022.

He left Manchester United as a free agent and joined Juventus, but since then he has only played in eight games due to injury.”

The media said, “If the level of disciplinary action lasts only a few months, there is a possibility of withdrawing the contract termination

but the level of disciplinary action currently expected appears to be much greater.

First, the disciplinary action must be confirmed before Juventus can make a decision on Pogba, but many media outlets have recently According to reports

Juventus will seek to terminate Pogba’s contract by mutual agreement instead of ending their relationship with him tragically.”

If the four-year ban is enforced, Pogba is in danger of having to retire.

Pogba, who was born in 1993 and is 30 years old, will turn 34 in four years, the age when most players consider retirement. 

As he has not been able to play properly due to injuries and slumps that have continued for several years, it is close to impossible for him to return after being off the field for four years.

Pogba, who was on the verge of a shabby exit, decided to hire a sports lawyer. The Daily Mail reported, “Pogba hired lawyer Mike Morgan, an expert in anti-doping disputes, to prove his innocence.”

The media continued, “Pogba looked at receipts and tested all drugs in the house

including his wife’s beauty products, to claim that he had unknowingly taken the supplements that led to the doping.”

The Daily Mail said, “If the use was not intentional, as Pogba claimed, the disciplinary action could be relaxed following similar precedents.

In 2016, Brazilian striker Joao Pedro was sentenced to a four-year ban for testing positive for diuretics

but the drug was unintentionally contaminated.

He explained, “It was recognized that I consumed it through food, and the ban was reduced to 6 months.”

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