Shinsegae Hoiana Beach Resort Opens On Vietnam’s Central Coast

GGRAsia reported that the New World Hoiana Beach Resort opened on the popular Central Coast in Vietnam on Wednesday. The luxury resort is reportedly part of Hoiana Resort & Golf Accommodation, located in Hoian, Quang Nam Province.

Hoana Resort & Golf Beachside The new resort, developed within the casino and leisure complex, is reported to be the only integrated resort in Vietnam. According to sources, the New World Hoana Beach Resort offers outstanding natural and tropical views, including 330 beachfront rooms and suites.

Opening Promotions:

The resort also boasts global entertainment and golf championships with parent company Hoiana Resorts & Golf. The resort launch has been adjusted to the upcoming Vietnamese national holiday to make the most of the April 29-May 2 period.

Since its opening yesterday, the New World Hoiana Beach Resort has been running a promotional campaign for early bookings for the upcoming holiday season. Therefore, all bookings booked through May 31 will close at a price of about $187 per night, according to the resort’s website.


According to a report by GGRAsia, Shinsegae’s parent company, Hoana Resort & Golf, opened the Shinsegae Hoana Hotel in the same location last summer. The facility has 476 rooms and represents a hotel offered by Hoana Resort & Golf, as well as some of the suit, entertainment, and foreigner-only casino facilities.

The founder of the Shinsegae brand is a Hong Kong-based Cheng family that works extensively with Vietnamese companies. One of these companies is Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Ltd., a privately owned casino project investor, according to GGRAsia.

Fine-tuning for foreign visits:

Because gambling is illegal in Vietnam, Hoiana Resort & Golf and its affiliates had few gambling events and focused on foreign visitors to take advantage of sophisticated accommodation and leisure services. Hoiana Resort & Golf was a grand opening event for the company Let’s Win Group, which was reportedly founded seven years ago for “high-end travel services and slot machine center operations,” according to sources.

The upcoming national holiday will be the New World Resort’s first opportunity to test its accommodation and entertainment portfolio by domestic visitors. Stakeholders can use the steering wheel and revenue results for final fine-tuning of the resort’s features to take advantage of visits around the world during the upcoming summer holidays.

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