SKS365 Announces Partnership With Net4 Media for Planetwin365 Network

SKS365 partnered with Net4Media, a betting and gaming solutions provider, to strengthen its Planetwin365 network. 릴게임사이트

Net4media will provide a technology solution that allows Planetwin365 betting store owners to customize store content from banners and videos to live odds and virtual games.

Luca Grisci, senior director of Commercial Retail at SKS365, said. “Our partnership with Net4Media makes us particularly proud and represents a very important step toward a future store where our customers are focused.

“There’s no doubt that delivering a more engaging gaming experience that’s cutting-edge even in offline channels is key to staying competitive in the marketplace, and the deal will make its fruits more interactive and digitized, opening a new era for retail entertainment.

“We are confident of the potential Net4Media’s technology platform offers us, and we look forward to using it to deliver targeted and continuously updated content to our customers to meet their needs.

Planetwin365 currently has about 1,000 retail betting stores, which can now be personalized to suit gambling habits and user styles.

Liviu Popovici, partner and commercial director of Net4 Media, said. “It’s an honor to partner with SKS365, one of the leaders in the highly competitive Italian market, but it’s also a confirmation of the level of technology we’ve reached on a complex platform.

“The signing of the contract with SKS365 is behind months of testing and personalizing Net4Media products to meet the most demanding expectations of SKS365 professionals.

“It was a tough process to identify and monetize the synergy between the best betting experience and the best technical standards. This has been a great help in revealing the interest SKS365 provides to our customers and further improving our platform.”

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