SON Captain Partner Tottenham’s New Midfield Commander

Yves Bijama left lille, France, in July 2018 to join the English Premier League EPL stage through Brighton Albion for a transfer fee of 17 million euros approximately 24.6 billion. 토토사이트 Bijama was very involved in offense and defense, and his build-up ability and activity were great. He was evaluated for his good pressure and aggressiveness.

Bijama moved to Tottenham in July 2022 with a transfer fee of 29 million euros about 42.1 billion on his back for Brighton. Tottenham’s start at Bijama was not good. He bowed his head while performing below expectations and failed to gain the upper hand in the main competition.

However, this season has changed. In the opening game against Brentford, he showed his presence with a sharp pass. The success rate reached a whopping 92.2 percent. Since then, he has been selected by coach Enze Postecoglou and is defending Tottenham’s midfield with Papesar. Bijama is showing remarkable growth this season, recording tackle 4, intercept 2.8, clearing 2.5, dribbling 1, shooting 2, and passing success rate of 90.7%.

There are also expectations that Bijama will become a key resource for Tottenham this season as it reveals its presence. Visuma will be the core of coach Postecoglou this season, the football statistics site Huskored Dotcom said. I didn’t get attention last season, but if I continue to play in the opening game, I will be an amazing player,” he expected.

Figures also show the performance of a non-horse. According to soccer statistics site Squokar, Bijama recorded 11 intercepts, 11 dribbles, and 16 tackles this season. The success of more than 10 intercepts, dribbles, and tackles shown by Bijama is known to be the only record achieved in the top five European leagues so far this season.

Bijama is also showing off his strong relationship with Tottenham’s captain Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min scored three goals in the fourth round match against Burnley, scoring his first goal of the season and his fourth hat trick of his career. Bijama also congratulated Son Heung-min on achieving a hat trick on his SNS, saying, SONNY is back.

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