Suwon FC’s resolute response to Lars’ signing at the end of the summer transfer window

Lars Veltvik, who came under fire for drunk driving in August, was eventually released from his contract during this summer’s transfer window. It is unlikely that he will be able to play for any team until the winter transfer window.

Suwon FC 홀덤사이트 announced that it held a second meeting with Lars, who recently came under fire for drunk driving, and terminated his contract on September 30.

Lars, who was caught driving under the influence of alcohol after winning the Suwon derby in August, was immediately suspended from training and matches after the first meeting, and the club decided to hold another meeting after the outcome of the KFA’s punishment committee.

On Aug. 10, the KFA held its 10th punishment committee and handed down a 15-match suspension and a fine of 4 million won. However, up until this point, the KFA had delayed disciplining Rath because the transfer market was still underway in overseas leagues, so if they had terminated his contract hastily, he could have easily moved to another team without paying a transfer fee.

However, Lars was only a player on paper at Suwon FC and was already treated as a non-player, including exclusion from team training and exclusion from accompanying the team to team events, so Suwon FC was in the process of parting ways with Lars.

As most of the overseas transfer market, including Europe, was concluded in September, Suwon FC conducted an in-depth legal review of the player’s contract with the KFA and legal counsel, and on September 20, the club held the second squad management committee meeting and voted to terminate the contract with Lars.

The decision was made based on Suwon FC’s principle that socially reprehensible behavior is unacceptable to anyone and should be dealt with firmly, and the club plans to conduct periodic player education as a wake-up call to all members of the club.

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