The main character in the video was Temba Gorimbo, a 32-year-old UFC fighter from Zimbabwe.

Dwayne Johnson, a former WWE professional wrestler who has established himself as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, also appeared in the video. Due to poor living conditions at the time, Gorimbo lived on an empty sofa in a corner of the gym. Johnson prepared a surprise for Gorimbo. It was his spacious home where he could live with his family in Zimbabwe.

Gorimbo, who was full of joy just by meeting with Johnson, shed tears when he checked the gift for the house. And he hugged Johnson for a long time and shouted “Thank you” countless times. The video has touched so many people that it currently has 4.82 million views.

In fact, the video is not the only reason why Gorimbo became a hot topic to the public. It is not wrong to say that the life he has lived is a movie. Rather, if he makes a movie as it is, he may criticize it as too contrived.

Gorimbo lived a hard life that it is hard to even imagine. At 13, she lost both her father and mother and became an orphan. At 16, she worked hard at the Marange Diamond Mine, which is notorious for human rights abuses.

He was caught by police for secretly selling diamonds in the mine. At that time, the police released the dog and attacked Gorimbo. His body is covered with dog bites. When he competes in martial arts, he can see his unusual life.

Gorimbo, who was lucky enough to survive, thought, “You shouldn’t live like this.” He came to his senses and decided to leave his hometown of Zimbabwe for the United States. When he arrived in the United States, he had only $7 in his money. He said he captured a bank account screen with $7 on it and still watches it whenever he had a hard time.

Gorimbo came to dream of becoming a martial artist after accidentally watching the action movie “Get Sum,” which was released in 2008. Fortunately, he had athletic talents. He was also full of “motivation” that he must succeed. He had many people around him who helped him.

Since 2013, when he was 20, he has been active in a small and medium-sized organization based in South Africa. He finally debuted in the UFC in February 2023, 10 years after his debut. He played in two UFC fights, recording one win and one loss. In February last year, he lost his debut match to submission, but in the second match three months later, he won a decision against a Japanese fighter.

I recently conducted an online video interview with Gorimbo ahead of the third round of the UFC. Gorimbo will play a welterweight third round match against Pete Rodriguez of the U.S. at UFC Fight Night on the 4th, Korean time.

Gorimbo is the most famous two-time UFC fighter. He made his name known because of his life. But he didn’t want to talk about the past. He even reacted nervously to such a question. It was not known in detail what kind of story it was about.

It was ridiculous, and on the other hand, it made sense. I felt that Dwayne Johnson, the story, and the attention that was only focused on the poor life of the past, not as a UFC fighter, could come to me uncomfortable.

Even in Gorimbo’s words, such thoughts were vaguely seen. “Nothing else is important in this sport. There is no point in dividends,” he said. “The only thing that matters is us who fight on the day of the game.”

Life was unfortunate in Zimbabwe and now lives in the U.S. However, Gorimbo still hasn’t forgotten his home country. He still doesn’t have enough money to support his hometown by auctioning off his gloves and sportswear at the end of each game.

After winning his first UFC victory, he spent 7,000 U.S. dollars to install a water pump in his Zimbabwean hometown. Thanks to his good deeds, people in his hometown are now drinking clean water.

“I always have a plan to help the people of my hometown,” Gorimbo said. “Just because I’m out of Zimbabwe now and living in the United States does not change my hometown.”

“I want to show people around the world that I can do it,” he said. “I’m trying to make changes that can be talked about even after 10 or 20 years and create my own legacy. That’s why I’m fighting.”.

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