The team that’s coming up is coming up. The competition for the top ranks begins

Consequently, the results will be similar to those of the previous season. The analysis team of power of the A-team in the Seoul metropolitan area picked LG, KT, and KIA, and Doosan as the top four teams for this season. Based on the results of calculating the estimated WAR (contribution to victory versus replacement) of all players in the 10 teams, the team is expected to win more than 80 games. Experts had similar predictions. Absolutely, many experts picked LG, KT, and KIA as the top three strongest teams. Doosan was picked as the dark horse along with Hanwha, NC, and Lotte.

However, the results for the first month of this season were unexpected. For the month from the opening game on March 23 to April 22, other than KIA, three teams ranked in the middle and lower ranks. As of April 22, Kia ranks first with 17 wins and seven losses. However, LG and Samsung are tied for fifth with 13 wins, 11 losses and two draws. Doosan ranked eighth with 11 wins and 15 losses. KT was at the bottom of the standings with seven wins, 18 losses and one draw.

Many coaches place importance on the first month of this season. If the coach preoccupies the early mood, he or she will be able to run safely until the end. Not necessarily. As the race is a long-term race of 144 games in seven months, there are variables at any time.

Each team’s performance fluctuates greatly due to injury or sluggishness of key players. That was the case with KT last year. It was the lowest ranking with 16 wins, 29 losses and two draws until May 31. Then, from June 1 to the end of the season, it had 63 wins, 33 losses and one draw. It achieved a margin of plus 30 during the period, finishing the pennant race in second place.

This year, the KT has accelerated its pace faster. From April 23 to May 12, the KT won 10 games and lost six times in 16 games, far earlier than last year. Even though many of its main players are out due to injury, such as Ko Young-pyo, Kim Sang-soo, Bae Jung-dae, and Lee Sang-dong, they will display competitive edge. Starting with Bae Jung-dae this week, the injured will return one by one, which could lead to a bigger upward curve in the future. The KT has lost all three consecutive games against Doosan over the weekend, but it should not be forgotten that the team that always shows off potential from the middle of the season is the KT.

LG, which had faltered after suffering short wins and consecutive losses, will also return to where it was last year. With the rise of Kim Bum-suk and Koo Bon-hyuk, the fielders’ depth has become even stronger. Fielders, who were highly dependent on their main players, naturally gain physical strength. New closer Yoo Young-chan will perform better than Ko Woo-suk last year. The fifth starter Son Ju-young also made a soft landing in the rotation. LG has won the Winning Series four times out of the recent five consecutive games. It has the most wins this season. If foreign players’ one-two punch issues are resolved and intermediate pitchers such as Baek Seung-hyeon and Ham Deok-ju return, the team will be able to regain the top position.

Doosan made a new winning formula with the mound of Young Gun. Players from rookie Kim Taek-yeon to Lee Byung-hun and Choi Ji-gang will take the lead within the third year. Kim Taek-yeon created an unusual scene in which he struck out three consecutive times with only fastballs in the match against KT in Jamsil on the 10th. KT batters’ bats were spinning in succession on Kim Taek-yeon’s fastball, which boasts an extraordinary rotation speed. It is regrettable that the timing of his return to Raul Alcantara is unclear. Still, it is positive that foreign hitter Henry Ramos will show what he expected. He will meet KIA this season for the most eight consecutive wins. It is not arithmetically impossible as it is 2.5 games apart from KIA.

As usual, it is not over until the end. Rankings were often completed on the last day of the regular season. The gap between first and sixth place is only 3.5 games. Competition among top ranks will intensify and the rankings will likely change every day.

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