The X-Point Edward Casino staff must pay back the stolen cash

Former bar manager Edward of Starlight Casino Point’s Match Restaurant and Public House, who was caught stealing cash red-handed, has now been ordered to pay back. The criminal, William Maguire, was caught on security cameras, did not keep the cash, or demanded a made-up return.

Earlier this year, Mr. Maguire, 41, pleaded guilty to receiving C$213.90 at Match Restaurant and Public House, one of the casino’s flagship dining facilities. It reopened in the casino resort in 2018. He also said this was deeply regrettable at last week’s sentencing hearing.

Judge Mark Poland noted that despite the evidence of the case in the video footage, theft and fraud of that kind is difficult to prove in the trial. He went on to say that the admission of guilt was of great importance and significance, as it implied that Mr. Maguire was remorseful for his actions. Mr. Poland now accepts that the perpetrator regrets his actions.

After the pre-sentence report, a lawyer said it was positive and beneficial. Therefore, the two lawyers agreed last week to offer a suspended sentence and a one-year suspended sentence. The Polish president believes that such a sentence would be appropriate. He said it was not a matter of approving sentences within the proper range, but the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, royal representative Josh Beyer stated that Maguire’s actions were malpractice arising from employer-to-employer relationships. She argued that the conviction should be registered through probation, while also pointing out that the criminal had no previous criminal record. Gugisberg said his client had mental health problems and had a drug use disorder.

Judge Maguire himself admitted to having mental health problems while speaking to the court. Finally, the Polish judge said that his statement was impressive, and that it would be a long journey, but very valuable. Under the probation order, the former bar manager was banned from setting foot within 100 meters of the casino and repaying stolen cash, and other charges were dropped.

Last month, Ontario heard another case of illegal activity at a local casino. Ontario police report that a table game dealer at Casino Woodbine colluded with a customer. Arthur Segovia, 52, from Etobycock, is now charged with criminal breach of trust, misconduct, theft of more than $5,000 Canadian dollars, and fraud of more than $5,000.

In the summer of 2022, OPP said it conducted an investigation that found fraudulent player accounts created using forged or altered documents on the Ontario Lottery and Game Company’s website from March 2021 to December 2021. A 17-year-old boy from London, Ontario, has been arrested after he was found to be behind the illegal activities.

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