Tottenham Have a Total of 4 Except For SON Shock. You Were Behind This Player

British media Express selected the best 11 so far in the 2023-2024 Premier League on the 19th. In other words, it is the best in the league as of the 12th round. 토토 Son Heung-min, Tottenham’s biggest contributor, was excluded.

The Express said, There is no Manchester United in the best of the Premier League season, but there are four Tottenham stars. The Premier League has produced a huge drama just 12 games after the start of the new season, he said, electing 11 people.

The goalkeeper was Tottenham’s Guglielmo Vicario. Vicario has not only a solid defense parade but also a stable pass capability. There will be no disagreement with the modifier of the league’s best goalkeeper.

The four-back was played by Newcastle United’s Kieran Trippier, Arsenal’s William Saliba and Tottenham’s Mickey Vanderben and Destiny Udogi. Tottenham took as many as two of the four defense positions. Both Vanderben and Udo-ki are playing as main players in the Premier League for the first time this season.

Midfielders include Rodri of Manchester City, Declan Rice of Arsenal, and James Maddison of Tottenham. The front-line three-top was selected as Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, Manchester City’s Erling Holland and Aston Villa’s Ollie Watkins.

The Express said Holland leads the scoring once again with 13 goals. Holland is not tired. You can score more goals this season. Salah scored 10 goals in 12 games amid rumors of a move to Saudi Arabia. I also recorded four assists for my teammates,’ he explained.

The last spot went to Watkins, not Son Heung-min. The Express said: ‘Aston Villa have had an amazing start under Unai Emery. Their star man was Watkins. Watkins scored six goals and five assists to join the team, beating Son Heung-min and Julián Álvarez Man City.

Son Heung-min moved from left wing forward to center forward during the season. He is the top scorer in the team with eight goals in charge. Completely erased Harry Kane’s vacancy.

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