Tottenham’s Annual Salary is 36.3 Billion Times, Kim Min-jae’s Annual Salary is Twice

On the 11th, Britain’s Dear Athletic reported, Munich has agreed to recruit Tottenham and Kane, adding, Tottenham has accepted Munich’s offer worth more than 100 million euros about 147.7 billion won. 토토사이트

Florian Flettenberg of the British media Sky Sports, who is familiar with Munich news, also said on his social media that Munich and Tottenham agreed in principle to transfer to Kane. Including the bonus, the transfer fee is more than 100 million euros. According to Germany’s Bild, Munich offered 120 million euros, including a basic transfer fee of 100 million euros and a bonus of 20 million euros. It is a huge proposal worth 174 billion won.

British media The Athletic reported that Kane left for Germany this morning to sign a four-year contract with a medical test. Kane is expected to be given a Munich uniform number 9 at the same time as the contract.

Both Tottenham and Kane were satisfied with Munich’s proposal. Munich promised Kane the highest salary in the team. According to British media The Sun, Kane’s annual salary in Munich is £21.6 million about 36.3 billion won. That’s twice the annual salary he received at Tottenham. The weekly salary is 415,000 pounds about 698 million won. Kane, who renewed his contract with Tottenham in 2018, was receiving £200,000 a week. The Sun explained, It is similar to the salary received by former Munich striker Sadio Mane, who moved to Saudi Arabia.”

Kane’s salary is also enormous compared to monster defender Kim Min-jae, who was recruited this summer. Kim Min-jae is known to receive 12 million euros about 17.4 billion won in annual salary after tax. Kane’s salary is actually double that of Kim Min-jae.

There was a fear of an accident. Munich are all-in for Kane. The problem was the transfer fee. Munich CEO Jan Christian Dressen and technical director Marco Neppe gave Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy the devil negotiator the first offer of 70 million euros about 99 billion won, but it was rejected. The second proposal, which includes an option for 80 million euros about 114.3 billion won, was also rejected. The third proposal was 86 million pounds about 144 billion won. As expected, it was a no. Chairman Levy still stuck to £100m. Finally, Munich raised the transfer fee to 94.5 million pounds about 159 billion won and won the white flag of Chairman Levi.

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