Two scoreless innings against Lotte in Korea, one to three consecutive innings against Seibu with 35 balls, and three outs in a row, it’s worth aiming to start the opening game for the second consecutive year

hiba Lotte Marines left-hander Kazuya Ojima has allowed no runs in two consecutive games and five innings. He started a practice game against the Seibu Lions at Haru Stadium in Kochi on Tuesday, and allowed no runs in three innings. He completely blocked Seibu from hitting the batters.

He hit three batters with eight pitches in the bottom of the first inning. He handled leadoff hitter Manaya Nishikawa with a fly ball to the left field, and grounded out Sta Donosaki to the shortstop, and grounded out to second base to hit out Staunchie Cordero to the third. Nishikawa finished the game with one ball, Donosaki with three pitches, and Cordero with four pitches.

In the bottom of the second inning, he grounded out three batters to the infield. The leadoff hitter Jesus Aguilar grounded out to the third baseman, the fifth batter Ryohei Sato to the first baseman, and the sixth batter Genda Sosuke to the shortstop. He pitched a total of 13 pitches in the second inning.

Utuuta infielder Aguilar was hired as a substitute for David McKinnon, who left for the Samsung Lions. He hit 35 home runs and 108 RBIs in 2018 for the Milwaukee Brewers. He hit 115 million homeruns in his career in the Major League. Last winter, Seibu signed a 210 million-yen contract with Aguilar.

Oshima defeated Aguilar with two high-course fastballs in the early 140km/h range.

In the bottom of the third inning, he threw 14 pitches to deal with three batters with a fly. He caught Shinya Hasegawa, the seventh, and Yuto, the eighth, with a fly to the first baseman, and Takeya Hiruma, the ninth, with a fly to the center.

It’s an ace throw.

With no strikeouts, he handled nine batters with poor batting performance with 35 pitches. He shook the opponent batters with various breaking balls, including folk balls, sliders, curves, and changeups.

He said in a media interview after the resignation, “I want to raise my restraint further.”

Oshima joined Waseda University as the third pick in the 2019 Rookie of the Year draft. He is highly likely to start the season opener again this year following last year’s. Last season, he started the game against the Softbank Hawks and pitched scoreless until the fifth inning, before losing the game after hitting a three-run homer in the sixth inning.

Oshima pitched 158 ⅓ in 25 games last year. He exceeded the required innings for the third consecutive year, recording 10 wins and six losses with an earned run average of 3.47. He has recorded the most wins in the Chiba Lotte team. Although he failed to throw fastballs like his junior Loki Sasaki (23), he performed steadily.

The name is a little familiar to Lotte fans. On Feb. 24, he started a practice game against the Lotte Giants at Itoman Stadium in Okinawa, and allowed one hit and no run in two innings.

In the top of the first inning, he allowed one or two walks and hit a heavy ground ball. With runners on the first and second bases with no outs, Victor Reyes was induced to ground out to the shortstop, and a double play continued. He then grounded out to the shortstop to catch Jeon. He ended the second inning with three outs and no outs.

Chiba Lotte is scheduled to hold its first three consecutive games against the Nippon-Ham Fighters from March 29-31. It will be its first home opener in five years at the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba. Japanese media reported that tickets for the match started at 6:30 p.m., but tickets for the match were sold out on Wednesday.

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