Upstate Casino in New York Hosts Electricity City Poker Series

Rivers Casino & Resort Scenectady is gearing up for exciting news for poker enthusiasts in the region as it kicks off its first-ever electric city poker series this week. 바카라사이트 The event began on Tuesday, April 11, but will run until Sunday, April 23, with a total of 11 tournaments at the casino’s event center and poker room.

The casino, located at 1 Rush Street in Shennektadi, N.Y., hopes the new poker event will turn into an annual event so that it can attract large crowds. In addition, all events in the Electric City Poker Series guarantee prizes and more than $290,000 in total, and the winner of each event will receive a trophy.

For this occasion, poker room manager Elliott Schechter said guests had long called for such an event, and now a new tournament is the last piece of the puzzle. He added that he wanted casinos to give them what they wanted and that the new event was designed for entertainment hobbyists rather than professional players.

The first event is guaranteed a $400 buy-in Mystery Boundy, a No-Limit Hold’em, and a $75,000 prize. It is from Thursday, April 12, 2023 to Sunday, April 16, 2023. Every contestant will have a chance to win up to US$10,000 if they remove someone from the game on day two. Meanwhile, the series main event is a $800 buy-in no-limit hold event with a $150,000 pool.

In addition, Mr. Schechter said that the competition would be positive for casinos in many ways, as it would attract tremendous attention to both real estate and the community. It is expected to attract between 800 and 1,000 players. He added that the casino witnessed people from all over the continent during the new poker competition.

Finally, the property reported that the registration of all events will be organized in the reverse casino poker room. Meanwhile, registration for mystery bounty events and main events will begin on Tuesday, and registration will take place two hours before the start time of a given event. More information about the series is available on the official casino website.

In addition to attracting huge crowds to the area, Shenectadi Casino also has other ways to contribute to the local economy. One example of that is to provide safe and secure jobs. Last month, it held a job fair to fill about 50 spots. Some of the jobs available ranged from security to dealers and casino supervisors, as well as drinks, hospitality, and marketing vacancies.

Another way to contribute to local welfare is by making regular donations. Last year on Thanksgiving Day, the casino donated more than 300 turkeys to local charities.

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