What does badminton brand Yonex mean

In the badminton industry, the Japanese company Yonex is the world’s top company. It is by far the world’s top badminton brand in terms of quality and quantity. It is also the world’s No. 1 player in sales. The legendary four players in badminton, Denmark’s Peter Gaid, China’s Lindan, Malaysia’s Li Chongwei, and Indonesia’s Taupik Hydayat, all won Olympic medals with their Yonex rackets. Lee Yong-dae and Lee Hyo-jeong, two Korean badminton geniuses, also used their Yonex rackets to win Olympic medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They are also the main sponsors of the Korean national badminton team. The team uses all items including rackets, clothes, and shoes only as Yonex products.

The name “Yonex” has become “YONEX” by adding an “X” to the “YONE” of “Yoneyama” to indicate future possibilities as it is difficult for foreigners to pronounce the last name of the founder. In 1946, Minoru Yoneyama set up a “Yoneyama Woodworking Factory” in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, which is made by processing steam used for netting. Yonex faced a crisis due to the invention of plastic steam and revived by producing badminton rackets through OEM (order-made method). In 1961, the first Yonex brand racket was introduced and started distribution worldwide.

It became a big hit in 1980 when the company produced the first carbon racquet, “Carbonex 8.” Since then, it has gained recognition by sponsoring the British Open and officially sponsoring the Olympics. Currently, the company is headquartered in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, developing and manufacturing tennis, badminton, soft tennis, and snowboard. As of 1982, the company changed its name to Yonex Corporation. The company’s logos, blue and green, symbolize the sky and the earth. The company’s logo is shaped like a y by taking two Ys from Yoneyama.

Yonex is currently competing for the top two spot thanks to the growth of Chinese sports company “Lining.” However, it is still gaining the upper hand by adopting it as a sponsor by various countries and players. Due to the fall of “Victor” in 2021, Yonex is further solidifying its No. 1 position in Korea. Because of its image that Linning is only used in China, more Korean consumers buy Yonex products.
In addition to Yonex, the world’s leading sports equipment companies such as Mizuno and Asics are competing fiercely with Nike in the United States, Adidas in Germany, and Puma in the sports equipment market.

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