Why Shouldn’t You Tape Your Street Hockey Stick?

Do you have a street hockey game coming up? Maybe you’ve got your stick already, or you need to pick one up. But you’re wondering, Do I need to tape my street hockey stick? You’re not going to be playing on ice. You’ll be playing on the road.

Not all hockey has to involve an ice rink. Street hockey, also known as ground hockey, is an equally fun and, if you want, intense version of the game. Plus, when the sun is shining outside, it’s far more appealing to play out in the open rather than on a cold, indoor patch of ice. Grab some sticks and pucks, find some friends, head to an empty lot or deserted street, and start playing.

Why Should You Tape Your Street Hockey Stick?

Taping a street hockey stick can protect your blade and help you handle the puck. But, if it’s too hot out, the ball is likely to stick too much to your blade. Plus, having tape on the bottom of your blade can make your blade slow down. It’s best to tape the face of your stick, not the bottom.

Taping your stick could make your blade stick to the ground more, making it harder to stickhandle. It could also make it harder to handle the ball if it’s too hot out. But, there are some major benefits to using tape on your street hockey stick. So, what are the benefits? Well, if you watch NHL games, you’ll notice that almost every player uses tape on the blade and shaft of their stick. 안전놀이터 This isn’t done for style. And it’s not to keep the stick held together.

When you’re playing hockey, you have to be in control of your stick. If you lose control of the puck, you’ll lose possession and set up the other team to score. Hockey players tape their sticks in two areas.

When you tape your street hockey stick shaft, you should have a better handle of your stick. In street hockey, an orange ball made from PVC is typically used. However, sometimes street hockey is played with a street hockey puck that’s much harder. If you know you’ll be playing with an orange ball, it’s better to go without tape as tape can prevent the ball from rolling around on your blade. But, if you’re playing with a street hockey puck, it’s best to have some tape on your blade to better grip the puck.

The main benefits to putting tape on your street hockey stick is to help you handle the puck and reduce the wear and tear on your blade.

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