Women’s Curling National Team ‘5G’ World Championship Bronze Medal

Kim Eun-ji, the national women’s curling team ‘5G’, won the bronze medal at the world championships.
The women’s national team, led by skip Kim Eun-ji, beat Italy 6-3 in the third place match of the Women’s Curling World Championship in Sydney, Canada today (25th) to achieve the “beauty of ending.”

The national team, nicknamed “5G” because all five players’ names and nicknames as members of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government ended with “G,” shook off the regret of the cancellation of the 2020 World Championship.

Kim Eun-ji’s team, who was the national team at the time, prepared for the competition with high expectations, but the competition was canceled due to COVID-19.

Team Kim Eun-ji, who beat the PyeongChang Olympic silver medalist ‘Team Kim’ in last year’s national team selection, has since taken a steep rise.

He even won the first Korean curling championship in the Grand Slam tournament, where only world-class teams are invited, and did well at this World Championship.

He went 10-2 through the preliminary round, fourth overall, and advanced to the semifinals after beating powerhouse Sweden in the semi-final play-offs.

This was the fifth time in her career that Korean women’s curling reached the semifinals of the World Championship.

Although losing to home team Canada in the semi-finals promised their first-ever championship, the national team beat Italy in the bronze medal match to build their pride.

This is the third time that Korean curling has stood on the world championship podium, following Chuncheon City Hall (3rd place) led by Kim Min-ji in 2019 and Gangneung City Hall (2nd place) of Team Kim in 2022.

In particular, Kim Eun-ji, who led the team to advance to the semifinals of Korea’s first world curling championship as the lead of Gyeonggi Provincial Government in 2012, won her first world championship medal, and Kim Min-ji, who transferred from Chuncheon City Hall to Gyeonggi Provincial Government, became the first Korean female curling player to reach the world championship podium twice.

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