Woodbine Entertainment says Canada’s oldest and most prestigious thoroughbred race will complete its rebranding in 2023. Most recently, Ontario’s largest horse racing operator announced it would be renamed King’s Plate when it returns for 164 runs at Woodbine Racecourse in August 2023, 70 years after it became known as the Queen’s Plate.

The name change came after the death of Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year, and is now succeeded by Charles III. The event is the first leg of the Canadian Triple Crown, followed by the Prince of Wales Stakes at Fort Erie Racecourse and the Breeders Stakes at Woodbine Racecourse.

In a recent press release, Woodbine Entertainment announced that it would rename the historic race King’s Plate for its 164th edition. The event is scheduled for August 20, 2023 at Woodbine Racecourse. In addition, the media reported that the operator plans to honor Queen Elizabeth in 2023 for her contribution to the Canadian horse racing industry.

In the summer, after this year’s Queen’s Platter, Woodbine Entertainment sent an annual telegram to Queen Elizabeth. Thus, on August 21, 2022, informing her that a mare named Moi had won the 163rd race, Buckingham Palace sent the iconic 50 guineas to the champions’ owners. 우리카지노탑

The race first began in 1860 and it was named after Queen Victoria gave royal consent to a plate worth 50 guineas as a prize to the winner of the mile race. Then in 1901 it was renamed the King’s Plate in honor of Edward VII, and in 1952 it became the King’s Plate again when Queen Elizabeth succeeded to the throne.

CEO Jim Lawson said the event was one of the most celebrated events in the horse racing sector and the organization is now proud to start a new chapter. He also shared his excitement about the event and promised that the horse racing operator would provide more details about it in the coming months.

In October, Woodbine Entertainment reported that private operators in Ontario could soon offer bets to the group’s global race. At the moment, the state’s new segment for third-party brands is not supposed to allow licensed operators to offer bets on horse racing in the state, but this could soon change as horse racing leaders are pushing for changes.

But in order for that to become a reality, it first needs approval from the mutual agency in Paris, Canada. Not long ago, the company’s spokesperson Michael Copeland said he expects the company to receive regulatory approval and be able to operate its products in online sportsbooks by the end of the year.

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