Park Junyong becomes first Korean to win five straight UFC fights

South Korea’s leading lightweight mixed martial artist Jun Yong Park, 32, will attempt to become the first South Korean to win five consecutive UFC fights.

Park will face Brazilian jiu-jitsu powerhouse Andre Muniz (33-Brazil) at “UFC Fight Night: Song vs. Gutierrez” on March 10 at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Park’s recent four-fight winning streak equaled the longest by a South Korean fighter, held by Dong Hyun “Stungun” Kim (42), and a win would set a new record.

He will also become the first South Korean fighter to break into the middleweight rankings (#15).

Munis is a powerhouse who was ranked 14th in the middleweight division until last month, when he slipped out of the top 15.

Local bookies are giving Park a 70% chance of winning.

The expectation is that Park will use his honed grappling skills and concise boxing to gain the upper hand.

Muniz is a jiu-jitsu master, but his relative lack of takedown ability will make it difficult for him to take Park to the ground.

His recent form hasn’t been great either, with back-to-back losses to Brandon Allen (27-USA) and Paul Craig (36-Scotland).

Park traveled to Las Vegas on Sunday and is determined to be in top form after jet lag and local training.

Park has a career mixed martial arts record of 17-5, including a 7-2 record in the UFC.

Road to UFC Season 1 flyweight champion Hyun Sung Park, 28, the “back door” to the UFC for Asian fighters, will make his UFC debut at the event.

Park, who defeated Choi Seung Kook (26), a protégé of “Korean Zombie” Chung, in the flyweight finals of Road to UFC Season 1 in February, is an “exceptional prospect” with an 8-0 record in mixed martial arts.

His opponent is Shannon Ross (34-Australia), who recently lost her second straight UFC fight. 먹튀검증

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